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A Simple And Easy Training Routine That Can Be Done In Any Gym


Some of us lead super busy lives. Wether we are managing a family or traveling a lot for work we shouldn’t neglect our physical fitness. Here is a great routine for the busy-bodys out there. It’s simple and easy to follow. And can be done in any gym.

Simple and Easy Training

This routine is developed for those that need to get into the gym, hit it hard and get out. The simple and easy training routine that is outlined below will focus on training the body much more frequently than other routines. Typical bodybuilding training routines call for the muscles to be hit once a week. Where as we will be training our body up to three times a week.

The breakdown of this simple and easy training routine can be in 1 or 2 day segments. For those that have a little more time you can do a 4 day a week routine. For those that are pressed to get things done a 3 day a week routine should suffice. Either way you will be hitting your full body.

Simple and Easy 3 Day Split
Exercises Sets Reps
Barbell Shoulder Press  3 8-12
Upright Row  3  8-12
 Barbell Bench Press  3  8-12
 Parallel Barbell Row  3  8-12
 Dips  3  8-12
 Barbell Curls  3  8-12
 Barbell Squats  3  8-12
 Standing Calf Raises  3  20


Simple and Easy 2 Day Split – Day A Upper Body
Exercise Sets Reps
Barbell Shoulder Press  3 8-12
Upright Row  3  8-12
Rear Delt Fly  3  8-12
Barbell Bench Press  3  8-12
Incline Dumbbell Press  3  8-12
 Barbell Row  3  8-12
 Pulldown  3  8-12
 Pullovers  3  20


Simple and Easy 2 Day Split – Day B Arms and Lower Body
Exercise Sets Reps
Barbell Curls  3 8-12
Dumbbell Hammer Curls  3  8-12
Overhead Extension  3  8-12
Tricep Pushdowns  3  8-12
Barbell Squats  3  8-12
Stiff Legged Deadlift  3  8-12
Leg Press  3  8-12
Standing Calf Raises  3  20

Exercises can be varied. However it is in your best interest to stick with compound movements due to the limited amount of training times allotted. These routines are simple and easy. And your training can be done in any gym. So now you have no more time for excuses and plenty of time to stay fit.

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Why Getting Toned is a Myth and How You Can Transform Your Body


Fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry that changes lives everyday but there is still one myth that plagues consumers and is pushed over and over again.

Getting toned is a myth. By building muscle you can shred unwanted fat.


Why Getting Toned is the Biggest Myth in the Fitness Industry

If you or anyone you know is jacked and in super awesome shape I guarantee it took a ton of hard work and dedication to reach that level. So much work that the small percentage of people that have reached these elite levels of fitness is rather limited.

Bodybuilding is a very demanding sport and comes with great effort. The average person is not going to put in the amount of effort necessary to learning what works for them. Instead they would rather look for the next gimmick, diet or fad and be told what to do. The fitness industry sees this and continues to capitalize on selling you the idea that getting in shape can be easy.

We have all seen the commercials talking about “toning up” and “transforming your body”.  These products continue to fly off the shelf and land in the homes of hopeless consumers. Selling the idea that getting ripped and shredded is way out of your reach and that if you buy these amazing products you can just tone up your body. Well I have news for you, it isn’t so!

Transform your body today and live the life you dream of.

What are you going to tone? Your Fat?!?!?

If you want the most awesome body you ever dreamed of then you have to work for it. And you have to build some muscle to burn some fat. You have to figure out what is going to get you there. You have to experiment, make constant changes, build a strategy and keep working at it. Thats what it takes.

If the industry decided to shift the way they present their ideas and products to consumers then the industry can benefit solely. But if consumers don’t demand better products by searching alternative answers then the industry wont change. Until now.

How You Can Transform Your Body Starting Today

You can dismiss these magical myths of confusion and put the bologna behind you. You can transform your body and create the physique you desire. All it takes is some hard work and a little bit of know how.

By looking into the past we can find clues and hints as to how success was achieved in various areas of life. For those that want to learn about business they research successful businesses and those that are responsible for creating them. If you want to learn how to be a race car driver then you look at race car drivers of the past and figure out techniques on how to win! So why not do it with bodybuilding? Learning from the past greats can put you on the path to physical fitness.

Bodybuilding dates way, way back all the way to ancient Greece. In the early 1900’s and so on there were many great men that helped to pioneer the sport. And bring acceptance in today’s society, Eugene Sandow, Reg Park, Steve Reeves, Bill Pearl, and Dave Draper to name a few. All of these men had amazing physiques. All of these men knew how to work for their physiques.

By studying the past we can make decisions on how to shape the future. Transform your body by learning what to do. It can be as simple as throwing out the bullshit you have been force fed and trying something new.

Implement These Tips and Tricks in Your Training and Watch Your Body Transform

By making a small change in how you do things you can begin to make larger improvements overall. It takes many swings of an axe to chop down a big tree but eventually it will fall. By implementing these five tips you can start to transform your training and create a program that works for you.

The deadlift is a great compound exercise for transforming your body.

Tips and Tricks to Transform Your Body

  • Learn the compound movements and focus on making them the dominant exercises in your workout routines.
    • Squats, deadlifts, bench presses, overhead presses, and so forth. Multi-joint compound movements utilize more muscle groups at once. Therefore being more efficient for building muscle and burning fat.
  • Eat more food. Even if you think your eating enough your probably not.
    • Learning what and how much to take in is key. Your body needs fuel in order for it to perform. There more active you are the more your going to need and want carbs to give you the energy you need.
  • Get enough rest and keep your stress levels low.
    • All the compound lifts are going to be a toll on the body. Make sure you get plenty of rest and keep your stress levels low so your body can be as efficient as possible at doing its job.
  • Grasp the concept of quality over quantity.
    • Proper form is key. If you do five reps and all five of them are in poor form you are definitely missing out on the benefits. Proper form and contraction of the muscles are essential.
  • Make progressive changes to your routines.
    • Progressive resistance is a concept often neglected. But it is probably the biggest tip that can change training protocols dramatically. Either add a little bit of weight here or there. Or make changes in your reps and sets. Just make small incremental changes over time and reap the rewards.

Outside all of that make training fun. Enjoy what your doing and share that enjoyment with others. It should not be a chore.

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We would love to get to know you better and how this article has benefited your training. Share you comments below in and lets get the conversation going.


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Seated Barbell Shoulder Press

Learn how to train your shoulders like classic bodybuilders.

Begin this exercise by selecting either the a barbell or a smith machine. Once you have chosen your desired tool for the task. Adjust the bench to where it is comfortable for you. When doing this exercise different seating positions can create different effects. The focus of this particular form will be on the upper chest and shoulder area, or shoulder girdle.

Straight flexing, Evan Centopani has boulders for shoulders.

Now that your seat is set grasp the barbell about shoulder width apart.

Take a deep breath and make sure your body is in position.

Remove the barbell from the pins and begin to slowly lower it to your clavicle. Keeping your elbows locked and acting as a guide.

Be sure to focus on the areas that your are trying to build.

If you like to hit the top part of the chest more try the elbows forward and at about a thirty-five degree angle. Wider positions will allow for a more deltoid dominate movement.

Once the barbell has reached your clavicle, contract your muscles and return the bar to the starting position.

Take a deep breath and repeat.

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The Top Five Tricks And Tips For Building Strength

Boost your training with these five top tips and tricks.

Do you want to take your training to the next level? All it takes is a little know how and experimentation. Keep reading for some important tips that can help propel you ahead of the pack. And turn you into the guy that everyone watches in the gym.

The Top Five Tricks and Tips For Building Strength

Improve Your Squat with Proper Shoe Choice

Squatting in tennis shoes is not recommended. Yes you see people do it all the time. Pay attention to their feet and tell me if you notice anything going on. Ankle roll? Foot rock? For your safety and performance it is best to get a pair of weightlifting shoes or any flat bottomed shoe like Converse Chuck Taylor. A flat bottomed shoe will provide you with stability and support. Allowing you to drive out of the hole.

If You Reach a Squatting Plateau try Box Squats

Improve your squats by practicing the box squat.

If you experience difficulty squatting on your own first learn how to get out of the squat by practicing box squats. A full post on regarding the box squat should get you going. Box squats will help you learn how to keep your body tight and what it feels like to “sit” with the weight on your back.

Use Your Supporting Muscles During Compound Presses

Keeping your shoulder blades back and pinched together stabilizes you during the bench press and the overhead press. A good way to visualize this action is to pretend you are going to pull the bar apart. You chest and shoulders need a solid platform to push against when driving that weight up.

Hip Drive for Big Deadlifts

When deadlifting be sure to get your hips back and your buttocks down. At the bottom of the movement drive up first with your hips and your glutes. Pulling the bar off the floor with your back alone is not a good feeling. Be safe and increase your PR’s with proper form.

Increase your deadlift. Focus on hip drive.

Switch Up Your Bench Form for Shoulder Dominant Lifters

If your shoulder dominant in your benching try switching your form. The traditional bodybuilding bench press is know to create massive chests. But massive front delts that cannot do it right. With your arms tighter to your body, a proper arch in your lower back and your feet planted firmly on the floor you will notice the difference in  your bench pressing movements.

Always stay true to form and lift with intensity. Make every rep count.

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Uncover The Training Secrets To Building Strength

The secrets to success is finding a method that works and repeating the steps. Learn time tested techniques to impressive strength gains and a fantastic physique. Building Strength is your workout guide for building muscle!


Barbell Academy’s Building Strength is a beginner’s guide for building strength, gaining muscle, and burning fat. Based on routines like Reg Park’s original 5×5 training method as well as strength coach and powerlifter Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength, Building Strength can be a tool for achieving your physical success. These tried and true methods tested over time lay the foundation for sculpting your dream body and shaping your overall physique.


Building Strength is separated into several parts, providing lifters with a plethora of useful information pertinent to a journey into fitness. Each section explains ideas and principles covering topics such as:


Like a sculptor you have the ability to create a beautiful work of art. With the power of your mind envision your most magnificent creation. You! Put to work the fundamentals that you will learn by reading the guide and turn your vision into reality.


Unlock the secrets to building muscle.

More Than Just a Training Routine, It’s a Lifestyle


If you ask any successful individual what helped to bring them success, many will say, creating good habits. The application of good habits is vital. Develop good healthy habits over time by committing to a lifestyle change and taking affirmative action. Building Strength is more than just a training routine. Building Strength is a change in your lifestyle. The benefits and rewards from this program carry over into many aspects of your life. The stronger you are the better you will feel. The better you feel the more you will notice your attitude and self-esteem increase. With a high self value you are unstoppable. Anyone with a purpose is unstoppable.


Commitment the Essence of Character


Most goals are not achieved due to a lack of commitment on the individuals part. More so, we are set back by the limitations we place on ourselves. Ask yourself, am I committed to doing whatever it takes? Am I putting forth the required effort necessary to reaching my goals fitness or otherwise? Am I willing to go the distance?


… Well, are you?


Let me be upfront and honest, Building Strength is not a get fit quick program. It’s not a lose weight in thirty days gimmick. It is a series of tasks that require consistent effort over time. It is designed to inflict positive change from the inside out. Building Strength will require you to put in work. You will have to spend some time figuring things out for you and your body. But always keep in mind what you are working for and why you are working for it. Having discipline is going to be critical to achieving success with Building Strength.


A Journey of 1000 Miles Begins with a Single Step


Getting started with Building Strength is quite simple. In this guide you will cover the essential aspects to setting forth on your lifting adventure. Building Strength will be your treasure map.


Michelle Lewin knows the muscle building secrets. Do you?


Access to a gym with squat racks, barbells, and benches are the very least of what you will need. Whether it be a commercial institution, a private gym, your garage, or a spot in the corner this will become your sanctuary. Grab yourself a pair of flat-bottomed shoes. Record all of your workouts in a log. With today’s technology our phones are more than capable of placing calls and receiving texts. Yet, the traditional method of a pen and a piece of paper still seems to work the best.


This guide will not be the end all be all. Keep that in mind. This guide is to get you started the right way. Take the fear and intimidation out of the gym. Barbell Academy’s website is loaded with a ton of supplementary information as well as resources which will be available for you to further your education.


If anything all you need is a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn, grow, and build the body of your dreams!


Sign up for out free newsletter and stay informed of the release of Building Strength.


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Lunge & Squat Towards Massive Legs

Method to the Madness of Massive Leg Growth
Method to the Madness of Massive Leg Growth

Legs and Glutes are two of the most commonly overlooked areas of the body that lack severe attention and dedication.  Ever see a guy that has a massively built upper body, but has chicken legs?  Not appealing or proportionate.  Here are some great leg exercises that will be proven techniques for greater strength and size – where it counts!

One of my favorite exercises is the “Vertical Leg Press” using the Smith Machine, a.k.a. “Brazilian Leg Lift”.  This is an exercise provides great growth, and I never see anyone doing this in the gym (except me) – be careful-as this could be dangerous.  There is a machine specifically designed for this – which the video below- shows the machine and proper form for this phenomenal exercise.


Very long video- just watch about a minute to grasp the concept.


Start out with light weights until you master both balance and the ease to lock in the bar…and wear proper shoes.

If you do not have the specific machine shown above in your gym, it is just as effective using the Smith Machine
Check out Karin Keenan showing us how it is done…


Don’t Forget the Lunges

Walking or Stationary Lunges - Use bar weights or hold barbells.
Walking or Stationary Lunges – Use bar weights or hold barbells.

Lunges rely on the same muscles as those utilized with the squat.  What the lunge offers is a greater range of motion, which provides a substantial development of the glutes and hamstrings.

Amateur and sometimes professional Bodybuilders are notorious for often neglecting legs and glutes, especially as they become so focused on training the larger and more noticeable ones – being chest arms, etc. The hip adductors -a.ka. the inner thigh and abductors – a.k.a the outer thigh are prime examples of overlooked muscles.  These muscles add stability and mass to the thighs. Although they’re relatively small and barely visible, they add to hip stability and overall thigh mass and are critical to athletic performance. Lunges contribute significantly to their development.


The Squat

The Deep Squat.  Keep proper form and feet firmly planted on ground.  Do not lift heels.
The Deep Squat. Keep proper form and feet firmly planted on ground. Do not lift heels.

The squat is one of the  best exercises for initiating a strong muscle growth response. It stimulates every single muscle fiber in the lower body while working your core to the bone.

When performing squats, make sure to do a full range of movement, squatting all the way down known as deep squat -to ensure strong glute activation from the lift going back up.







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How To Bench Press: Your Guide To Proper Form



A big chest is a symbol of power. Men and women alike a drawn to the idea of having a big chest. In gyms all across the world mondays are commonly known to be chest days. Chest exercises are so popular that most gyms have more benches for barbell bench presses than they do squat racks. The barbell bench press is the basic compound chest exercise for building powerful pecs.

This guide will cover the basics of a barbell bench press and how to begin doing it. Many people tend to complain about huge shoulders and tiny chests. This is a common result of the typical bodybuilding bench press. If you are one of those people then try switching your style.

The barbell bench press that we will be talking about is going to be a powerlifting style barbell bench press. The bench press is a favorite of mine when it comes to building the chest. Because it is a compound movement, the bench press calls upon the entire body to work as a unit.

The reason why we will be covering a powerlifting style bench press is due to several factors. But mainly because it will allow you to lift the most weight. And by becoming stronger our muscles will also grow. Another key point to mention is that this method of benching lessens the strain placed on the shoulders.

As you can see in this picture the bodybuilding bench press calls for the elbows to flare out at a 45 degree angle.

A powerlifting style bench press starts with a flat and pinched upper back, an arched lower back, feet firmly planted, and your hands and elbows a little closer in. Where as a bodybuilding bench press calls for a flat back and elbows to point outward.

The Benefits of the Barbell Bench Press

The results of any compound exercise are going to carry over into many of your lifts and day to day activities. Case in point every time you lay down to bench, expect . . .

Gains in Size and Strength—Your muscles are going to grow and you’re going to get stronger. Thats a fact. This simple yet complex movement will shape your body like no other.

Improvements in Flexibility—Hard to believe but yes you will become more flexible.

Better Posture—Is a given. The stronger your muscles are the easier it is for your body to support itself and keep an upright posture. Improper positioning due to daily activities have lead to more and more cases of poor posture and overall health conditions.

Common Barbell Bench Press Misconceptions

Many people are led to assume that the bench press puts too much strain on your shoulders and it can become unsafe to do. This can be true if done improperly. Learning the correct form will help to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

This picture illustrates the back arch in the powerlifting squat. Not all people will have such a pronounced arch. Nor will foot placement be the same.

A Lesson on Barbell Bench Press Form

Attempting anything for the first time poses its challenges. Learning to perform the bench press correctly is essential to any training routine. The barbell bench press is not as challenging as it may look. With time and dedication you will be benching with ease.

This lesson will cover the proper form used for a powerlifting style barbell bench press. I will begin by assuming you currently know nothing about rows and are eager to learn. However, even if you are a seasoned lifter a good refresher course never hurts.

I cannot advocate enough the importance of proper form. Learning to bench correctly without any weight will instill the correct motor patterns in our body and will assist in our efforts.

Note: Smith machines are great inventions and have their purpose. However they are not beneficial for this workout. Bench pressing on a smith machine does not allow the stabilization muscles to engage. Always bench press with free weights.

The Setup

A few things will come into play when performing the row. However a proper setup is key.

  • Begin the bench press by sitting on the end of a bench.
  • Place your feet where you are most comfortable.
    • The idea is to have a solid foundation to push against. Your feet are  your anchors. For those that are ultra flexible your foot positioning will greatly differ from those that are not.
  • With your feet firmly positioned lie back onto the bench. Eyes aligning with the bar.
  • Grasp the barbell just slightly wider than shoulder width.
  • Keep ahold of the barbell and lift your chest up to the barbell and return the bench arching your lower back so your upper back is tightly pressed against the bench.
    • Your feet should be pressing into the floor. Your buttocks and your upper back are pressed against the bench. While your lower back is arched enough that someone could slide there arm under it.
  • Keeping your upper back squeezed tightly unrack the barbell by using your lats and bring the barbell over your mid chest.

Beginning to Bench Press

Now that your are setup and in the proper starting position, we can begin the pressing movement.

  • Begin by taking a big breath. Grip the bar firmly and make sure your upper back muscles are tight and your feet are firmly pressing into the floor.
  • Slowly lower the barbell to your sternum by dropping your elbows.
    • Your elbows will act as a hinge. Lower them in a downward path and keep the close to your body, approximately a 35 degree angle.
  • As the barbell reaches your sternum or lower chest area, still holding your breath begin to slowly press the weight back up by contracting your chest muscles exhaling towards the top of the movement.
  • Return the barbell to the starting position.
  • Take a another big breath and repeat.
  • There you go! It’s as easy as that. You just learned how to do a bench press. And you’re well on your way to building some serious size and strength.

Keep at it. Pretty soon you will have a back all your friends will envy!

As a resource a great video on learning the barbell bench press is Powerlifting Bench Press by Scott Abel Coaching.