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Making Your Water Intake Less Boring


Without over generalizing too much, most things that taste good to our pallet, either food or drink related, are not going to be good for us in terms of their health and nutrition benefits. Water is one healthy drink option that isn’t going to set your taste buds tingling, but there’s simply no escaping its critical to your health. With the human body consisting of approximately 60-70% body weight from water it’s easy to see why it’s so vitally important to stay hydrated at all times.

Every system and function in your body relies on sufficient water levels to function efficiently and effectively. Going into a state of dehydration can not only create internal disruptions, but it can also bring about a state of fatigue and mental confusion. At higher levels of dehydration it can become both critical and life threatening.

Water really is that important….

Ways To Make Your Water Intake More Appealing

Infuse Your Water With Herbs – and Even Veggies/ Fruits

Already a trend in California and other health conscious areas, infused water is a big hit.  It offers a blast of freshness to your water and gives it some excitement – and not to mention people like fashioning a nice water bottle with some colorful herbs and fruit to show off.

Infuse your water overnight with some basil…yes basil….sounds strange but just try it.  Be creative and mix and match herbs and fruit to make a unique drink.  The key to extracting all the oils and flavor from an to “smack it” .  Smack the herbs in between your hands – do not tear or shred…then place the herbs in a  glass bottle or pitcher and fill with water and let marinate overnight.

Some best herbs to infuse:  Basil, Oregano, Mint and Sage

Mix with some fruits / veggies with herbs or infuse what you wish: Cucumber slices, Orange Slices, Lemon, Lime, etc.

Cucumbers are a very fresh veggie that make your water taste extra clean.  So experiment away…

Try some Mint and Orange Slices ….Get Refreshed !

Add A Little Juice

Why not add a few drops of your favorite juice to your glass of water to spice things up a little. Find something with natural ingredients and preferably no added sugar which will hopefully satisfy your taste buds for a short while! Cranberry is a sure favorite.

Create Some Frozen Alternatives
With the summer months now upon us, what better way to celebrate than by creating your own ice cubes and/ or ice lollies. Add flavorings such as those described above to create your very own flavorsome iced masterpieces!

Don’t forget that water can also be obtained from the foods you consume. Previous research has demonstrated that up to 25% of your water requirements are met through food consumption alone. Vegetables and fruits tend to contain the highest percentages of water, so why not opt for a salad on a regular basis or ensure these foods feature regularly in your diet. Alternative foods such as soups and broths also contain high water levels and with the British summer being as unpredictable as ever, you might just need a warm meal in the near future!

Don’t Forget – Caffeine Intake Requires More Hydration

Limit the caffeine intake as well…or note that for every glass of coffee – you will need at least two glasses of water to supplement the dehydration from your coffee and other beverages.

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