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My First Weightlifting Shoe

adidas adipower weightlifting shoe

adidas adipower weightlifting shoe

My participation in the sport of bodybuilding has grown to the point that I have seriously considered training and preparing for a competition. And like anything I feel if your going to do something you have to do it right.

Puma Benecio CanvasFor a while I was squatting and lifting in a shoe similar to a Converse Chuck Taylor. The version I had was actually Puma’s Benecio Canvas. I found great success in this shoe and highly recommend any shoe of that style.

Ideally you will want to squat in a shoe that is flat and allows your foot to be flat on the ground. A shoe like the Chuck Taylor or the Benecio allows you to fully ground your feet.

Why Consider a Weightlifting Shoe?

I began to consider a weightlifting shoe on the premise that I would begin to take my training to the next level. I had reached a squat of 315lbs and wanted to continue my progression. One main problem I started to notice was that my foot began to start slipping in my other shoes and I felt that I was losing strength in fighting for stabilization.

I didn’t just jump into a pair of weightlifting shoes. I did a little research. I read what others had written about them. I looked at what athletes in powerlifting and strength training were doing. I began to notice a trend. And that trend was that for the most part they were wearing a weightlifting shoe.

Since my dedication to training had grown, naturally it made sense to follow suit get one.

Why the Adipower Weightlifting Shoe?

adidas adipower weightlifting shoeI must admit I bought the Adipower out of pure vanity and personal brand preference. Plus I figured that since many Olympic Weightlifters donned them it would be a good fit. In my talking and looking online they did come as a highly recommended shoe and that for the most part others who had purchased them prior were happy. Not to mention the bright red is snazzy!

All in all I am very happy with my gift and choice of weightlifting shoe. I plan on sharing my experience while wearing these shoes with others so that they can make a judgement for themselves. Fitness is a journey through mountains and plains. It’s all about discovering new knowledge, applying that knowledge and kicking some ass in the gym!

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