Easy Body Shredder Electric Abdominal Toning Belt

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The Easy Body Shredder uses electric pulses to contract your muscles. It works your Upper & Lower Abdominal Muscles as well as your Oblique Muscles all at the same time!
FDA Cleared! The FDA has cleared this product as a safe way for toning & strengthens muscles in your abdomen, thighs, biceps, quads, and more
Compatible with Abs, Legs, and Arms

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1) Name or e mail Simple Frame Shredder make stronger. Simple Frame Shredder equipped their consumer make stronger telephone quantity that buyers can Name at any time and obtain troubleshooting help: 602.842.4594. make 2) Check the ab belt by means of making sure ALL pads are clicked into the belt and each and every unhealthy is securely touching your pores and skin. If any of the pads don’t seem to be clicked or don’t seem to be in opposition to the outside, the belt’s protection mechanism won’t permit it to serve as. three) Check the batteries within the software. four) Be certain that the frequency is grew to become up.
The Simple Frame Shredder makes use of electrical pulses to agreement your Muscle mass. It really works your Higher & Decrease Stomach Muscle mass in addition to your Indirect Muscle mass all on the similar time!
FDA Cleared! The FDA has cleared this product as a secure method for firming & strengthens Muscle mass to your stomach, thighs, biceps, quads, and extra
Appropriate with Abs, Legs, and Hands
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