Barbell Academy is a straightforward path to a healthy and fit lifestyle through exercise, discipline and a positive mental attitude. We’re a lifestyle brand committed to bringing you all the best information, reviews, guides and articles on achieving the body and mind of your dreams. As well as product recommendations to get you where you’re going fast.

Barbell Academy is perfect for the inexperienced lifter looking to gain insight and knowledge on how to get started, what to expect, types of products to use and more. It’s an all encompassing guide designed to act as a beacon of light as you embark across unknown lands.

Barbell Academy is also great for those who have lifted before and are looking for tips and tricks to improve or are just getting a fresh start again. All of our content takes a no bullshit approach. We don’t add fluff or gobbly goop. Just straight facts. We scour the internets and physical world for the best in class information that gets passed back to you.

Barbell Academy was created by Dane Wesolko, Senior Product Designer, Internet Entrepreneur, Certified NASM Personal Trainer and all around fitness nut. My passion for fitness and health drove me to create this website and continues to push me in sharing my joy with you.

As a child I grew up with a severe case of exercise induced asthma as well as gastro-intestinal issues which required a multitude of trips to specialists as well as many, many nights in hospitals for testing, observation and treatment. My asthma wasn’t allergy induced. My bronchial tubes overproduced mucus and were constantly constricted. The overproduction of mucus filled the bottom half of my lungs leaving me with the functional capacity of one lung. Therefore anything that required any level of exertion was a challenge. That wasn’t going to stop me.

The bug bit me early. Growing up my step-father always had a home gym in the garage. He was a subscriber to Ironman Magazine and introduced me to bodybuilding at a young age. This was the very start of Barbell Academy. Although he was adamant that I did not work out with weights until I had reached full growth maturity I would not only sneak a workout in here and there when he wasn’t home I’d also steal the swimsuit editions before he could get to them.

Much later in life was when I really got into fitness and training. As a teenager I was only focused on a few things. Partying and girls which didn’t lead to healthy habits or smart decisions. This went on well into college. Things began to change after reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. I decided then I was going to change my mindset. I decided I was going to go after my dreams. I created Barbell Academy as a way to reshape my life, my mind and share my passion for bodybuilding, strength training and positivity.

Barbell Academy will always strive to bring you the highest quality information possible. This site was created out of love and passion and we will continue to work on it that way. Therefore you can always expect that in everything we do.