Barbell Academy-Its for lifters.

Barbell Academy is a lifestyle brand for those that have a passion for fitness. We work hard to showcase the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to build the ultimate physique. Representing those that are up early before the crowd, who are in late after a long day at the office, the people that chase their dreams no matter what. We built our brand for of you.


By bringing lifters together through our branded product line and informational material we can share the love and passion for bodybuilding within our community and with others. Wether you’ve been lifting all your life or just getting started Barbell Academy has something for you.


Bodybuilding Apparel

Let’s be honest, you workout to look good. So why not look good while working out? Our line of fitness apparel draws its inspiration from the great bodybuilders of yesterday and today. Show off your dedication with a cool new tee.


Interactive Guides

Knowing that the journey into bodybuilding can be confusing and intimidating our guides act as a beacon for new lifters.  We all have to start somewhere. The key is grasping the basics and laying a solid foundation. Barbell Academy’s guides will show you the way. Download your copy today.


Blog and Monthly E-Newsletters

We have taken the time to carefully handcraft articles that cater to our community. Covering topics like training, nutrition, wellness, lifestyle and motivation to keep you on track with your bodybuilding goals.

Our monthly E-Newsletters will keep you motivated and pumped up. Stay up to date with whats going on here at Barbell Academy. Sign up today.