adidas push up bars review

Adidas Push Up Bars Review

We’ve taken a look at a few different kinds of push up bars and put together this Adidas push up bars review to help you get pumped up.

Push ups are simple exercises that can be done anywhere at any time and are great for building the chest and triceps. They are an all-around excellent exercise as is but have a few variations to help make them more challenging.

Placing the hands in different positions can add a new dynamic to this tried and true favorite. You can even add in equipment like a push up bar bringing push ups to a whole new level.

What is a push up bar?

A push up bar is essentially two bars that are placed parallel to the floor. Very similar to a parallette bar except a lot smaller in size. They come in varying shapes, sizes and costs. Some of them are fixed while others rotate like the Perfect Push Up. In this article we’re going to look at a fixed variation by Adidas.

Adidas Push Up Bars Review

The Adidas Push Up bars allow you to deepen your push ups making for more effective training.

Foam handles and a neutral grip reduce wrist discomfort and provide a stable foundation for training. Created to heighten each rep, these Adidas push up bars allow you to deepen your range of motion placing more tension on the muscle groups worked. Thus helping to build a stronger larger chest. They are a great, lightweight, sturdy piece of equipment that doesn’t bend giving you piece of mind while you knock out each repetition.

How Do I Use the Adidas Push Up Bars?

Using push up bars is very easy. Begin by simply setting them on the floor at the desired distance apart. Firmly grip both handles and place your body into a push up position. Slowly lower yourself to the floor as you would with a normal push up taking in a nice big breath. Once you’ve reached the desired depth with a forceful breath push your body back up to the starting position contracting the muscles and resetting for the next repetition.

Do You Need Push Up Bars?

While they are not necessary for performing a push up they do make the movement more challenging. The challenge comes from the fact that you are able to go beyond the limit of a normal push up and work the muscle groups in a different way. Push up bars are a helpful tool that compliments any training protocol.

Keep in mind that push up bars are beneficial outside of performing a deeper push up. Since they are essentially smaller versions of a parallette bar push up bars can be used to perform other basic exercise like tricep dips, v-sits, planches and even for the daring handstand push ups. All in all they are a great tool for getting a total upper body workout.


The Adidas push up bars are a fantastic piece of equipment. They can provide a variety of benefits such as increased range of motion in performing a push up and the versatility to include other exercises in your training routine.

Lightweight, sturdy and inexpensive coming in at around $20 it’s hard not to say that this would be a wise purchase. So if your looking to spice up your workouts give these Adidas push up bars a try. We hope you’ve found our Adidas up bars review helpful!

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