Alice Matos – One Hardcore Lady

By Steve Hall

February 17, 2021

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Alice Matos is a fitness competitor, business woman and founder of LaBellaMafia. All in all, one Hardcore Lady!

Brazilian bombshell Alice Matos is taking the fitness world by storm. With her toned and muscular physique and her company LaBellaMafia, a fitness inspired fashion line, Alice Matos is a name to be known.

Who is Alice Matos?

Alice Matos is a Brazilian strength and fitness model. She became popular on Instagram, where she has around two million followers. On instagram she shares what she's up to both in the gym, and elswhere. Alice is a former IFBB Brazilian Champion and also came sixth place in the swimsuit competition at the Arnold Classic.

Check her out.

alice matos
alice matos
alice matos

Alice Matos Background

Born in in Florianopolis, Brazil 24th March 1985. 

Alice Matos has always been athletic but only looked into becoming a fitness model when she turned 25. She then looked to emulate the success of other fitness models such as Larissa Reis and Michelle. 

She entered her first competition in 2011 - the Arnold Classic, but did not place highly. However, she returned the following year and finished in sixth place. In 2012 Alice Matos entered the IFBB Brazilian Championship, finishing fifth and went on to win the title in 2015.

alice matos
alice matos

How She Became Famous On The Internet

Alice shot to fame on Instagram and has since widened her popularity on other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

This is her official Facebook page with almost 300,000 followers. As with Instagram she shares some great pictures of herself in the gym and modelling her clothing line. You can also find Alice on Twitter.

If you want to follow what Alice is up to just click the links above and follow her on your favourite your favourite social channel!

alice matos
alice matos
alice matos
alice matos
alice matos

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