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The Best Battle Ropes For Your Home Gym

Want a workout that produces amazing results? Try battle ropes. Get a full body workout in 20 minutes, blast fat with high intensity training and build total body strength. With there being so many options on the market it can be daunting when making a choice. We hope to help you with our battle rope reviews on your journey to building a better you.

Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are perfect for anyone looking to develop their overall fitness. By easily maximizing training time battle ropes enhance strength and aerobic endurance. Simply put battle ropes are literally ropes sometimes covered with a polyurethane cover to protect the rope. They come in various lengths for athletes of individual levels. Easy to transport and fun to workout with, battle ropes are a great addition to any enthusiasts arsenal.

Working out with Battle Ropes

Athletes who train for power and explosiveness love battle ropes. Not only do they workout the cardiorespiratory system muscular endurance of the upper and lower body are increased. As is reaction time & metabolic rate. 

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Begin by attaching the battle rope to a sturdy support. Pull the rope out to the full length and grip the ends with each hand. Then swing your arms up and down. That’s it! You’re working out with battle ropes. Battle ropes provide effective resistance to work out the back, arms, shoulders, core and legs.

Getting a Battle Rope

Battle ropes come in various sizes. You should know if you’re a beginner go for a shorter rope. Longer ropes are ideal for when you progress or if you’re already an advanced athlete. Shorter conditioning ropes are great for those new at rope training, with the longer one challenging intermediates and pros.

Best Battle Ropes

Not all battle ropes are the same. However most will be made out of polypropylene and/or polyester, will be wear resistant and durable as well as possess high tensile strength. Typically they will be about one and a half to two inches in diameter and range from thirty to fifty feet. Some will come with a strap for attaching to a support like a tree or a pole while others will require an attachment. We’ve gathered a few battle rope reviews to help you find the right one.

Here’s a list of battle ropes we think are great buys.

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Make Waves with Battle Ropes

Battle ropes can burn calories, blast fat, build strength and muscular endurance while toning and tightening the whole body. Coming in various diameters and lengths perfect for athletes of all levels. Look to add a battle rope to your training if you’re looking to transform your body in as little as twenty minutes a day.

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