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Best Pull Up Dip Station

Working out at home is not only convenient it’s a time-saver. Commuting to a gym or fitness facility can be very difficult for some. Equipment like dip stations make it easier to exercise regularly. Their versatility allows you to perform a variety of exercises with just one piece of equipment. Therefore it’s crucial to find the best adjustable dip station.

Dips are one of the best isolation exercises for developing upper body strength when done properly. In lowering the body resistance is placed on all of the muscles in the arms, chest, back and core strengthening the muscles.

What are Dip Stations?

Dip stations are pieces of fitness equipment used to perform dips. They typically are a u-shaped bar where an enthusiast can grab the handles and lower themselves. Some dip stations come are similar to push up bars while others are larger sturdier contraptions. Commonly made from heavy duty steel dip stations can handle athletes of all sizes.

Qualities to Look For

When purchasing a dip station you want to keep a few things in mind. Make sure to check the load rating. Most free standing dip stations will have a higher load rating and can support heavier athletes. Be on the lookout for dip stations made from heavy duty steel as they will be most durable and last longer. Powder coating will help protect the finish and resist rust. While padded handles will make it more comfortable as you exercise. If it is a free standing design then also look at the dimensions of the base to ensure it won’t topple over.

Best Adjustable Dip Station

Finding the best adjustable dip station can be a daunting task as there are tons of options on the market. From small handles that are placed on the floor to larger multi-use pieces of equipment. Therefore making the right decision will depend on your needs. Our pick is a dip station by GoBeast. Costing less than $200 GoBeast makes a great adjustable pull up and dip station that is perfect for those looking to build serious strength through bodyweight training. Check it out.

GoBeast Power Tower Pull up bar Dip Stand Portable Pull up Station Movable Exercise Equipment Instruction Manual and Storage Bag max user-weight 330 lbs

GoBeast Power Tower Pull up bar Dip Stand Portable Pull up Station Movable Exercise Equipment Instruction Manual and Storage Bag max user-weight 330 lbs

4.0 out of 5 stars

146 customer reviews | 62 answered questions

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GoBeast’s Power Tower is more than an adjustable dip station. It’s a whole gym! The GoBeast Power Tower is extremely versatile and easy to use. Boasting the ability to perform over 35 exercises no wonder why customers have given it rave reviews. Made from lightweight durable steel that can support up to 300 pounds. Portable brilliantly balanced and easy to assemble in less than 2 minutes time. Purchase includes a free exercise manual.

With GoBeast’s Power Tower you can perform exercises like:

  • Close-Grip Chin Ups and Pull Ups
  • Wide-Grip Pull Ups
  • Incline Push Press
  • Decline Push Press
  • Leg Raises
  • Knee Raises
  • Dips
  • Push Ups
  • And more!

See the GoBeast Power Tower in action.

Looking to build muscles faster, more efficiently, then a dip station is the way to go! Perfect for beginners and advanced athletes to start packing on muscle, build strength and blast fat.

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