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What Is The Best Utility Weight Bench For A Home Gym?

Some people may consider a weight bench for a home gym an extravagance, but if you want to get some excellent strength training at home, a good weight bench is indispensable! With more people looking to work out at home rather than attend a public gym, it is important that your home equipment will give you a no-compromise workout! We have found some of the best utility weight benches for a home gym as potential candidates for you.

The best utility weight bench for a home gym is one that is compact, sturdy, foldable for easy storage, multi-functional, and rated for the weights you will be lifting. Our top picks are; FBSPORT Utility Weight Bench, SHIELDPRO Utility Weight Bench and FLYBIRD Utility Weight Bench

A weight bench for your home usually cannot be a heavy-duty bench simply because of the constraints of a home gym. Unless you have a room in your home that you can dedicate as an exercise space, there are some requirements for a home bench that are different from a gym bench.

But you don’t want to compromise on the kind of workout you can expect to get on your home bench. Let’s check out what to look out for in a home weight bench and then cover some quality examples.

Features To Look For In A Utility Weight Bench For A Home Gym

A home gym is a great option to get a workout anytime when you are at home. Because of the difference between a home gym and a public gym, you will probably need to put a little more thought into the equipment you stock in your home gym. 

The following points are some of the aspects you should bear in mind for your home gym weight bench.

Multifunctionality. For a home gym setup, it is a great feature if your gym equipment has more than one feature, or you can use it for a wide range of exercise types. A multi-functional piece of equipment will save you space and money. 

Size. Most home gyms have limited space available for equipment. Your weight bench must be compact enough to fit in the space yet big enough to have a good, comfortable workout.

Foldability. If your space is particularly limited, the foldability of the bench may be a key feature that you look for in a bench for your home gym. This feature allows you to pack the bench away when it is not in use, giving yourself more living space in the room.

This feature can have good and bad consequences for your exercise routine. The folding mechanism should not be too complicated or time-consuming, as this may discourage you from using the bench if it is too much trouble to unfold and pack away.

Flat bench or adjustable bench. Depending on the type of workout you use the bench for, a flat bench may be more appropriate than an adjustable bench. Adjustable benches cost more but give the most flexibility for the range of exercises they can be used for.

Do you need a weight rack? Many utility weight benches do not come with a built-in weight rack, so you may need to purchase this item as an extra or look for a bench that has a weight rack built-in. 

Value for money. Most of us normal humans have to work to a budget, meaning you should look for a weight bench that balances quality and functionality at a good price.

Weight capacity. Your weight bench must be rated for the number of weights that you intend to use as part of your training routine. The weight rating should include your body weight as well as the weight of the equipment you will be using.

Each of these features will have different levels of importance to you, depending on what type of exercise you use the bench for and the space you have available to use and store your bench. We have selected some utility weight benches that we believe fit the criteria as great for a home gym.

Our Choice For The Best Utility Weight Benches

We took the criteria we have mentioned to find some utility weight benches that we believe fit the bill for a home gym.

Our main criteria were for a sturdy platform that offers versatility for different exercise types, not only weights, and foldability for space-saving storage. We also looked at adjustability, weight rating, and value for money. 

Take a look at our choices to see if one of these options would be suitable for your home gym.

FBSPORT Utility Weight Bench 

This utility weight bench is one of my favorites for its durability, capacity, and multi-functional capacity. This bench is great for weight training, resistance training, CrossFit training, or training using your own body weight for resistance training.

The triangular design of the FBSport Utility Weight Bench gives great stability for any home gym exercise, including curls, weight press, and fly-press exercises. The bench adjusts easily with one hand, with the back able to adjust to 6 different positions and the seat 3 positions.

660-pounds of static weight is the limit of this weight bench, with 1000-pounds of dynamic weight. This weight capacity provides ample scope for a home gym. The bench comes with a pair of resistance bands, which you can use to start training right away, even if you don’t have any weights on hand.

The FBSport is a fold-away bench and folds down to reduce its footprint by 80%. The folded bench is only 9.17-inches by 34.68-inches, which means it can fit easily into a closet, under a bed. Another option is to hang it on your garage wall, where it will take up very little space!

SHIELDPRO Adjustable Utility Weight Bench

This utility weight bench is perfect if you are not using super-heavy weights. It is rated for up to 500-pounds which should be ample for most home workouts. It is strong and durable and provides a stable platform for a good workout.

The SHIELDPRO Adjustable Utility Weight Bench padding is high-density foam covered with non-slip leather making for a great workout surface that can easily be wiped clean and dry.

It has 4 back positions and 2 seat positions that cater to a wide range of exercises with or without weights. It is also a foldable unit, folding down to 11.7-inches by 33.54 inches in a few simple moves that take mere seconds.

FLYBIRD Adjustable Utility Weight Bench

What I like about this utility weight bench is the additional lumbar support on the back panel. This lumbar support provides great additional support in the lower back area, particularly when lifting weights to head height or above.

The FLYBIRD Adjustable Utility Weight Bench has six back positions and 4 seat positions and is rated for up to 650-pounds. The foot supports are adjustable vertically adjustable, giving flexibility for taller or shorter people.

If you are a tall person over 6-feet, you may have some difficulty fitting properly on this bench, but FLYBIRD makes a range of benches, some of which are specifically designed for taller people.

The padding on the bench is comfortable and ample, covered with synthetic leather, which cleans easily.

The FLYBIRD does not fold down as small as the other two benches we have mentioned, but it is still small enough to tuck away in a corner or hang on your garage wall. Its folded size is 15.7-inches by 32.1-inches.


A home gym is convenient for many reasons but kitting out a home gym so that you will use it and get a good workout is a key to maintaining your exercise routine.

A good utility weight bench is not only good for weight training but offers a stable platform for resistance training, stretching, or using your own body weight doing crunches or dips and other similar routines.

Foldability is a key feature for me for a home gym weight bench, and I am sure it is a desirable feature for many people who have limited exercise space in their homes. An easy folding and unfolding mechanism make for a bench that you will use because of the convenience rather than one that will gather dust in the corner.

About the author, Steve Hall

Steve is a strength training fanatic who geeks out over the best, most efficient workouts, nutrition and gear to help get you stronger and healthier!