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Realizing Opportunity

Those who are quick to see their limitations are also quick to miss opportunity.

realize_opportunityToday we live at such a fast pace. It’s always go, go, go. All to often neglecting ourselves. It seems we are surrounded with chaos and disorder.

All too often I hear friends or acquaintances gripe about time and money. Yet they never look for ways to acquire more time and money. Stop for a second and realize your blessings, then you can truly appreciate life. Once you truly appreciate life you begin to realize what your capable of and how you can utilize whats around you.

At that moment when you tap into yourself and realize your full potential doors of opportunity come flying open. So much so that you can pick and choose which ones you want to take.

So stop for a second. Be thankful. Take a look around. Grab hold of your next great opportunity. It’s there waiting on you.

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An Introduction To The Barbell

The barbell has evolved over time to its modern day counterpart. It has become the staple of powerlifting, weightlifting, and bodybuilding. Many serious lifter swear by it. The use of the barbell is an integral part of the Barbell Academy – Strength Building Routine.

What is a Barbell?

Dave Drapper using a standard barbell for squats.Photo courtesy of
Dave Drapper using a standard barbell for squats.
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According to Websters online dictionary the Barbell is a bar with adjustable weighted disks attached to each end that is used for exercise and in weight lifting.

Sounds pretty simple, however there can be several variations of the barbell. The most common barbell that you will find in any fitness club or gym would be an olympic style barbell. This would be the standard and would be the most sought after choice by lifters.

Where did Barbells come from?

Early barbells had fixed spheres at the end of them that were either filled or hollow. The first barbells were found in Hippolyte Triat’s gym located in Paris. Drawings of his gym at the time showed some of the earliest barbells recorded, including a wall entirely covered in barbells. Triat described the weights as “Barres A Spheres De 6 Kilos,” (bars with spheres of six kilos). The barbells were used for group exercise classes, and also featured a decorative barbell as the gym’s logo.

classic barbell
Strongmen Lifting a Classic Styled Barbell
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These spherical barbells could be filled with various materials thus changing the overall weight lifted. Much like today’s modern barbells that have cylindrical plates which slide on and off the bar.

The barbell will become your best friend. It will be used through all of the workouts and exercises featured on Barbell Academy. Each movement will consist of controlled lifting of the barbell. Through proper form and technique you will build strength, muscle and power by utilizing methods and techniques performed by lifters of old and powerhouses of today.