Evan Centopani is a modern day bodybuilder. Sometimes called “The Ox” and I can see why. He is a beast of a man. Standing it at about 5’ 11” and anywhere between 260 – 300 pounds this dude is surely a beast.

His physique looks to really be shaping up this year. Which leads me to believe that there are some major victories in the pipeline for Evan. Check him out below. And be sure to check out his guest blogs on Muscular Development.

Professional bodybuilder Evan Centopani sitting on bench resting between sets.


Don’t forget to train your back!


Tough as that chain. Evan Centopani taking a quick camera break between grueling sets.


Evan Centopani definitely includes dips in his workouts.


Shredded abs.


Straight flexing, Evan Centopani a true powerhouse.


Evan Centopani has some massive quads.
Evan Centopani has some massive quads.


Evan Centopani, The Ox.


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