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  • ALPHA STRONG Wall Balls – Soft Medicine Ball for Core Exercises


    – BURST-PROOF DURABILITY: Toss it. Bounce it. Slam it. Smash it. Designed with reinforced stitching and made using Aramid, the strongest material in the world. Bullet Proof medicine balls handle it all, you’ll never find the need to replace it.
    – BETTER BALANCE; BETTER WORKOUTS: While other wall balls tend to be off balance, we’ve designed ours with an inner core that is specially developed to keep it round and centered. This means it comes right back when doing all those wall tosses and CrossFit movements.
    – FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS: Whether you’re just getting started or your an expert in medicine ball training, we provide a weight to match all levels. Available starting at 6lbs all the way up to 40lbs.