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Sissy Squat – Don’t Let The Name Fool You

The name sissy squat is hardly any indication of the level of gusto required to perform this quad trembling feat. In fact there isn’t anything sissy about this movement. It’s also probably one you have never even heard of or even tried. The sissy squat is one of the best exercises for building massive quads, while strengthening your core and hip flexors. It’s an exercise that isolates your quads far better than any barbell or dumbbell lift by eliminating the glutes and hamstrings. If you’re struggling to build bigger quads give the sissy squat a try.

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3 Tips To Improve Your Squat

The squat is considered to be one of the best compound exercises. It’s a staple in top athletes routines. Guys that are looking to pack on lean mass and build massive strength never skip out on squatting. That’s because they engage your entire body, build your calves, strengthen your hamstrings, core, back and chest. In this article we’ll cover the squat and provide some insight on how to improve. So let’s break parallel and follow these 3 tips to improve your squat.

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An Introduction To The Barbell

Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman, CrossFit, bodybuilding and strength training all have a couple things in common. The barbell and compound lifts. Many serious lifters swear by it. Having evolved over time to its modern day counterpart it has become the staple of any strength training routine. A versatile tool that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and lengths. In this article we’ll cover the history of a barbell, what to look for, how to use one and where to get one.

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5×5 Workout: A Comprehensive Guide

You might want to build muscle, gain strength, burn fat, a beginner or looking to get back into the gym. You might have read up on some workout routines but haven’t decided which one is for you. Or you might not have a clue on what the best path forward is. If any of these resonate keep reading. A 5×5 workout program is exactly what you need.

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The Best Beginner Workout Plan

Whether you’re just starting out or starting again, these workout routines are the best beginner workout plan to get your body back in shape and ready for more advanced training. It’s important to note that before beginning any exercise program you should first consult your physician as well as perform a fitness assessment. Fitness assessments establish a baseline and help you understand what your current strengths, weaknesses, goals and limitations are. From there you can begin training.

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Benefits of Strength Training

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The benefits of strength training are plentiful. Exercising and living an active lifestyle has many positive impacts on one’s life. As little as 2.5 hours per week can make a difference in your health and well-being. Strength training is a great form of resistance training that can build strength, gain muscle and burn fat. From changes physiologically to changes psychologically strength training can enhance one’s quality of life in ways beyond the obvious.

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A Simple And Easy Training Routine That Can Be Done In Any Gym


Some of us lead super busy lives. Wether we are managing a family or traveling a lot for work we shouldn’t neglect our physical fitness. Here is a great routine for the busy-bodys out there. It’s simple and easy to follow. And can be done in any gym.

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