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Bodybuilder Evan Centopani—The Ox


Evan Centopani is a modern day bodybuilder. Sometimes called “The Ox” and I can see why. He is a beast of a man. Standing it at about 5’ 11” and anywhere between 260 – 300 pounds this dude is surely a beast.

His physique looks to really be shaping up this year. Which leads me to believe that there are some major victories in the pipeline for Evan. Check him out below. And be sure to check out his guest blogs on Muscular Development.

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Alice Matos – One Hardcore Lady

alice matos

Fitness Competitor, Super Hot Hottie, Business Woman, Founder of LaBellaMafia, and One Hardcore Lady.

Brazilian bombshell Alice Matos is taking the fitness world by storm. With her smoking hot body and her company LaBellaMafia, a fitness inspired fashion line, Alice Matos is a name to be known.

Check her out.

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Joe DeFranco’s “Limber 11” A Flexibility Routine


Mobility and flexibility are just as important lifting. Without the proper mobility lifts like the squat can be a major challenge to accomplish correctly and can lead to issues. Joe DeFranco is a leading Strength and Conditioning coach, he is based out of New Jersey and comes with a lifetime of knowledge. Having worked with many of the top ranking NFL football players, Joe’s coaching and guidance is second to none.

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The Classic Physique—Steve Reeves


Undoubtedly Steve Reeves is still one of the most amazing physiques to this day. He had impressive symmetry, great muscular development, visionary bodybuilding techniques, dedication, and love for the sport. Completely ahead of his time, Steve Reeves was able to break through many barriers.

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Bodybuilding Motivation—Andreia Brazier


There is no doubt that every now and then we need a little motivation to get things going. And there is no doubt that right now Andreia Brazier is one hot hottie in the fitness game.

So for a little bodybuilding motivation here are some pics and videos of Andreia Brazier. Enjoy in a non creepy way please.

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