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General Health and Lifestyle

Part of a fitness assessment is gathering some general information about your health. Typically a personal trainer would ask you about your smoking, drinking or sleeping habits. As well as any experience you may have with exercising, recreational sports or physical hobbies. These are things you’ll already know and want to at least make note of as they can come into play when designing a program.

If you enjoy playing sports or have hobbies an exercise program can take this into account and training can be applied to help maximize efficiency and prevent injury.

Outside of that personal trainers will inquire about your occupation. Specifically pertaining to whether or not you sit all day, stand all day, have to wear a specific type of clothing such as heeled shoes or if you perform repetitive movement patterns on a daily basis like lifting your arms over your head.

Lastly a trainer may ask about your state of mental stress or anxiety. Which is an invisible force that keeps you from living a happy and healthy life. Stress elevates your resting heart rate, blood pressure and breathing while at rest and during physical activity. Stress can also cause abnormal patterns in life which can affect our body, mind and spirit.

The reason these things come into play is because any of those variables could lead to specific types of training, corrective exercises for imbalances or present factors that may limit or hinder your progress. Make sure to take note of all this as you’re gathering your data.