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Medical History

Past medical history is also important to consider. Things like injuries, surgeries, conditions and medications can prevent certain types of training or require a specific approach to training.

There has been a lot of documentation on how some of the more common injuries affect the body during movement. Those injuries are ankle sprains, knee ligament injuries, lower-back injuries and shoulder injuries. They can lead to a decrease in control developing movement patterns that can repeat or worsen an injury.

Surgeries should also be considered during your assessment. The trauma that surgeries create on the body may have similar effects which affects the safety and efficacy of exercise. They can also lead to repeated injury, pain and inflammation resulting in altered neural control if proper rehabilitation is not taken.

Lastly, chronic conditions and medications also play a part in fitness assessments. Conditions and medications alike can have effects on exercise and should be considered. Those that do have chronic conditions or are taking medications should always consult with their physicians in order to understand if and what those effects might be.