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Sometimes adjustments are necessary. Knowing what to adjust can be affected by a plethora of different variables so it’s hard to say what to change exactly. Only you or your personal trainer will be able to tell based on your performance. If you have done a proper fitness assessment and are tracking all of your data you’ll have a better idea of where to start.

Making adjustments could be that your program is not working and a change needs to be made or it is working and you’ve progressed. Therefore some variables that can be altered are:

  • Phases
  • Exercises
  • Weight
  • Intensity
  • Volume
  • Duration
  • Sets
  • Reps
  • Training Types
  • Tempo
  • Rest
  • Frequency

Other reasons you need to make adjustments could be health related or due to physical limitations. It really depends. The best thing to do in this scenario is to collect as much data as possible and try to find stories in the data.