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Phase 1 – Stabilization

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Stabilization prepares the body for training. It’s crucial for beginners and always a good phase to circle back to after completing a training program. Not only does stabilization training introduce new exercise programs. It focuses on corrective exercises, building a solid core, creating healthy habits and gets the body ready for the next levels of training.

In Phase 1 Michael’s warm-up and cool-down focus on corrective exercises such as self-myofascial release and static stretching. These are great ways to help loosen up the body and break up any knots in the muscles. This should be adapted to what was uncovered in a fitness assessment.

Core work during this phase of the training program focuses on laying a solid foundation and building strength in the upper back. Again this can be adapted based on what problem areas you find in your fitness assessment.

Finally the conditioning aspect of Michael’s plan is a strength training circuit that focuses on muscular endurance. It compliments the corrective exercises and core workouts being done and helps reinforce the need for a strong stable core. Circuit training allows him to elevate his heart rate which will help with fat loss. While the higher rep ranges prepare the muscles and joints for the more demanding loads ahead.

Cardio is a part of Michael’s training. Most of Michael’s fat loss will actually occur with a sound nutrition plan and through his resistance training methods. We’ve included cardio to condition the heart and improve his ability to shuttle oxygen to the muscles. He’s been prescribed a low intensity three mile run which will continue through his training program. It will advance later on but only slightly.

All of these aspects were chosen as the foundation of Michael’s program because they align with his overall goals. Since he is relatively new this type of training was most appropriate.