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Phase 2 – Strength Endurance

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Once the body is conditioned, the muscles and joints are ready for training. A solid core has been built now training for strength can begin. Strength endurance training is a natural progression from stabilization endurance as it’s an introduction to strength training and improves upon the foundation already built. This phase of training helps prepare the body for hypertrophy which will come next.

In Phase 2 of Michael’s plan the same warm-up and cool-down are continued to focus on corrective exercises such as self-myofascial release and static stretching. Core work also remains the same.

The major change in his program was in his conditioning. As we are looking to begin building strength but also improve upon the body’s ability to efficiently move through the exercises we continued with higher rep ranges but are now introducing a new concept called supersets. Supersets are the alternation between one exercise to the next with limited to no rest in between. They can be for the same muscle group or opposing muscles groups.

In Michael’s conditioning program he is going for the same muscle groups and completing a full body workout. The limited rest in between sets will allow him to keep his heart rate up while building his strength. The focus is also on compound movements to recruit the most muscle fibers which aid in fat loss.

Cardio remains the same to keep conditioning the heart and improve the ability to shuttle oxygen to the muscles. Duration has increased however intensity is the same.