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Phase 3 – Hypertrophy

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Hypertrophy is a specific method of training for increasing lean muscle mass. The focus is to maximize muscle growth through increased volume. Hypertrophy training is a natural progression from Phases 1 and 2 for athletes looking to increase muscle size. This type of training introduces new types of training techniques and is a precursor to Max Strength training or a point at which to cycle back to Phases 1 and 2 depending upon desired outcomes.

We’re using the same warm-up and cool-down to focus on corrective exercises such as self-myofascial release and static stretching. Core work also remains the same and focuses on continuing to build a solid foundation.

Hypertrophy training is the portion of this program that most people are going to be familiar with. It’s most common in just about any training program or literature regarding men’s fitness. Michael will continue to perform a variety of compound exercises during this phase to maximize muscle fibers recruited and his ability to put on muscle. The increased volume, decreased rep range and shortened rest periods also aid in his ability to build muscle.

Phase 3 is going to be a phase that will be persistent in Michael’s training program moving forward. It is also going to be an area of his training program that will be the most flexible and fluid. Meaning as Michael progresses through training he will be introduced to different types of workouts such as split routines. This will allow him to focus on different muscle groups on different days and increase the volume of training for that muscle group.

Aside from the addition of one high intensity interval training cardio training remains the same. There’s wide debate to exclude cardio during a hypertrophy phase of a training program as to not use muscle tissue for energy. Cardio should always be included to maintain health. What should be adjusted are intensities and duration.