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Phase 5 – Power

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In Phase 5 increased force production is the primary focus of this training protocol. A solid core and stable foundation are necessary for this type of training. With increased force muscular contraction is also increased. For optimal results heavy loads and light loads are used during power training.

We’re using the same warm-up and cool-down to focus on corrective exercises, self-myofascial release and static stretching. Core work also remains the same.

Power training has been included in Michael’s training program in order to build upon the foundation that has been laid. During this training period he will continue to push his ability to gain strength while also increasing his ability to quickly and efficiently move weight. Similarly increases in power will directly affect Michael’s ability to increase muscle tissue when he returns to hypertrophy training.

Power training is best accomplished through supersets. Supersets will allow Michael to perform a heavy set with less reps and explosive intensity followed by a lighter set with increased reps. Longer rest periods between sets allows for the body to replenish energy stores. This type of training is not required by all but good to include as it has direct benefits down the line.

Cardio training is reduced slightly with many of the days being optional as power training is of a higher intensity and will have many demands on Michael’s body. Rest days are also increased much like max strength training to allow for plenty of recovery between training sessions.