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Training programs should reflect the desired outcome. Consistent manipulation of training is required to meet goals. Systematic, integrated training programs using acute variables is the best method for achieving optimal results.

Types of training systems:

  • Single-set: one set of each exercise at a time. Recommended two times per week for sufficient development and maintenance of muscle groups. Often criticized for lack of stimulus to muscles. Great for beginners to allow tendons and connective tissues to adapt. Avoid using excess weight. Always use proper form.
  • Multi-set: multiple numbers of sets per exercise. Resistance, sets and reps are goal specific. Great for novice and advanced athletes. Increased volume is required for continued adoption. Careful not to overtrain.
  • Pyramid: a progressive or regressive stepped approach which either increases or decreases weight with each set.
  • Superset: two exercises performed quickly one after another with minimal rest. Example bench press followed by push up. Example chest and back. Rep range 8-12, no rest between exercises.
  • Drop-sets: sets to failure, then reduces weight to repeat.
  • Circuit-Training: series of exercises one after another. Low to moderate sets, moderate to high reps. Short rest. Great for time crunched trainees. Great for body recomposition
  • Peripheral Heart Action: alternates upper body and lower body exercises. Distributes blood flow through the body, improves circulation. Exercises vary by goal
  • Split: training body parts on different days. Numerous exercises for specific body parts on individual days. Optimal for hypertrophy.
  • Vertical/Horizontal Loading: vertical or horizontal progression of exercises for body parts. Similar to circuit training. Limited rest periods 30-90 seconds.

Types of exercises include:

  • Bench Press
  • High Bar Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Sumo Deadlift
  • Overhead Press
  • Low Bar Squat
  • Barbell Row