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Speed, Agility and Quickness

Speed, agility and quickness training isn’t just for professional athletes. It’s a great way for a seasoned fitness enthusiast to continue improved movement through exercise.  Much like plyometrics it causes a reaction to ground forces which increases overall velocity. There is also an increased ability to start or stop movement in all phases or planes of motion.

Speed is the ability to move in one direction as fast as possible. Speed is measured by stride rate and stride length. Stride rate equals the number of strides in a given amount of time. While length equals distance covered within a stride. Speed training consists of focusing on improving frontside and backside mechanics.

Agility is quick, powerful movements changing direction as well as velocity. Agility training focuses on the ability to start, stop and change direction quickly in good form and posture. This form of training enhances coordination, flexibility, posture, core strength and proprioception.

Quickness is the ability to react and change movement. Quickness training focuses on the ability to react by changing movement with force. It requires a snap-analysis of surroundings such as what you see, hear and feel.

Speed, agility and quickness training helps with weight loss, coordination, movement and injury prevention. It’s an invigorating, exciting and effective training method overall because it makes greater use of the muscles in the entire body.

When looking at SAQ drills it’s important to look at your current routine and intensity levels. SAQ training requires core strength and stabilization. It has greater demand and increases the chance for injury.

Types of speed, agility and quickness drills:

  • One-ins
  • Two-ins
  • Side shuffle
  • In-in-out-out
  • In-in-out
  • Ali shuffle
  • 5-10-5