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Training Models

Training models are the different phases of training throughout the course of a program. Each model is specific to a particular type of goal and works hand in hand with others. The different models are:

  • Stabilization is the first level of training and focuses on building strength in the stabilizer muscles and preparing the body for the demands of exercise. At this time you’re not only building a foundation, you’re correcting any imbalances.
  • Strength is the second phase of training designed to build upon the body’s ability to handle stress and lay the foundation for additional training models.
  • Hypertrophy is the third phase of training and focuses on maximal muscle growth. Training and rest periods are designed to force cellular change.
  • Max strength is the fourth phase of the training program and focuses on increasing the ability to handle heavier weights.
  • Power is the fifth phase and focuses on increasing the force and velocity at which loads can be moved.