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Cardiorespiratory assessments are one of the more crucial measurements when performing a fitness assessment. While they are not only responsible for gauging the body’s ability to use oxygen they also provide insight into the level of intensity one can endure.

VO2 Max readings are the most valid measurements of one’s cardiorespiratory system and the uptake of oxygen. However a VO2 Max reading isn’t always practical as it requires special equipment and a trained technician. Therefore additional methods exist for generating approximate fitness levels. Estimated VO2 max levels can be calculated by a lot of smart fitness watches on the market.

The YMCA 3-Minute Step Test and the Rockport Walk Test are both methods for getting an idea of cardio ability. Both tests require an individual to perform physical activity and the effects to be recorded resulting in an estimated output for ability and training intensity zones.

The YMCA 3-Minute Step Test requires an individual to perform 96 steps per minute while the Rockport Walk Test requires an individual to walk 1 mile as fast as controllable while on a treadmill. Both of these tests require you to perform the task, check your heart rate and use  the following formulas to find out your heart rate zones and training intensity.