how to lose stubborn belly fat

Do you work out hard, day in and day out, eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle yet still struggle to get rid of stubborn belly fat? Don't worry you're not alone. Tons of people store fat in different places on their body. While you cannot entirely spot reduce, you can work towards optimising your stubborn fat areas such as the the fat around your belly!

Belly fat can be the most stubborn of all areas to get rid of so here are 4 super simple tips on how to lose it for good!

Knowing how to lose stomach fat is a simple formula of understanding what fat is and how it is used. Then incorporating nutrition and training methods in order to burn and fuel activity.

What Is Belly Fat?

Fat is made out of adipose tissue. Which is a connective tissue consisting of lipid-rich cells called adipocytes that store energy in the form of lipids (fat). There are two known forms of adipose tissue. White and brown. White adipose tissue is responsible for heat insulation, mechanical cushion, and most importantly, a source of energy. While brown adipose tissue is important for regulating body temperature via non-shivering thermogenesis.

The key in knowing how to get rid of stubborn belly fat comes from experience on how to stoke the metabolic fires through various training methods. So how do you rev up those fat burning engines and get to shredding additional pounds? Here’s how to lose stomach fat.

1. How to Get Rid Of Stubborn Belly Fat Through Nutrition

Losing fat can come in a variety of ways. Ideally though it comes from a basic understanding of nutrition and how to lose stomach fat. Key nutritional tips like being in a caloric deficit and choosing the right foods at the right time can be challenging. However the book The Anti-estrogenic Diet can simplify that process. 

Essentially how to lose stomach fat can be as simple as reducing, removing and converting any existing estrogen in the body into a progesterone and helping the liver to remove toxins from the body through the process of detoxification. Proper functioning of these processes allow the body to more efficiently burn through calories and use stored fat for fuel. As long as the body is in an optimal state through eliminating problematic food items and working your way back up to a more inclusive diet through a three week or more program.

So the key in how to lose stomach fat revolves around first finding the right nutritional formula which consists of reducing caloric intake, ingest a whole foods plant based high protein diet, exercise daily for 30 minutes or more, rest and do things you enjoy. Track your food intake and make adjustments over the course of time to find out how certain food items affect you.

Try to avoid those late night, pre-bed snacks. Even if they are healthy. While you're resting you want your body to use up the stored fats for energy and not that apple or yogurt you just munched on before calling it a day. Try to fill up at dinner and let your body attack that unwanted fat.

Staying hydrated is critical in maintaining a healthy metabolism. A good start is to focus on getting the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. Anything more than that is great! And if you don't need it well . . . we all know what happens.

Olive oil has been getting a bad rap these days. But, let us not forget the great health benefits of this Mediterranean treat. Researchers have shown that olive oil actually tricks your brain into thinking it's full. Try tossing some olive oil on a salad or dipping a bit of bread in it.

Understand the concept of using different energy sources for fuel. Such as fat or carb. Because each energy source can benefit endurance exercise as well as high intensity interval training.

2. How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat With Endurance Exercise

Endurance exercise can consist of any exercise type that requires an athlete to take their muscle to less than maximum effort over a prolonged period. Endurance exercise includes activities that increase your breath and heart rate. Things like walking, jogging, swimming, biking and jumping rope are all considered endurance exercises. Using endurance exercise one way on how to lose stomach fat. Due to the increased demand overtime the body uses a lot of energy. This prolonged energy usage is best when coming from fat sources because fat takes longer to break down.

jumping rope to lose belly fat

Costing about 9 calories or energy to digest 1 gram of fat endurance athletes have shown significant improvement from switching energy sources and sustaining long events through fat energy. Typically an athlete would consume slow to digest carbohydrates prior to the event and faster to digest carbs during the event research has shown how to lose stomach fat and stay in the game is to use fuel more efficiently and work towards your bodies near maximum efficiency through discipline training.

While this is an effective method in to get rid of stubborn belly fat it is also very restrictive due to time constraints as the way to sustain those types of energy requirements are through events lasting longer than 45 minutes. For those that cannot devote more time a method of training that was recently discovered which is just as affecting is called HIIT.

3. How To Lose Belly Fat With High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Does running on a treadmill for hours on end sound boring? If it's not your thing then there is a great way to boost the process and have fun is by incorporating short bursts of high-intensity intervals into your workout routines. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will keep you burning calories up to 16 hours post-workout. There are several different ways to incorporate HIIT training into your already existing workout program.

HIIT only days can consist of some sort of circuit or interval training that gets your heart rate thumping and your blood pumping. A lot of people like to run interval drills when doing a cardio high intensity day. While other people know how to lose stomach fat through circuit training routines that are a non-stop blast of exciting exercises like burpees, lunges, jumping jacks and more. Finding the best type of HITT training for you boils down to how you want to incorporate it into your routine and your fitness goals.

HIIT to lose stubborn belly fat

Knowing how to outline your fitness goals and build the right training program can be found in our how to guide which walks you through all the aspects on how to get started training and shaping your dream physique. So if learning how to lose stomach fat is for you then grab a full understanding on what fitness is in our guide so you can be empowered to make educated decisions for yourself.

4. How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Belly Fat Through Rest & Recovery

Believe or not how to lose stomach fat can be down through stretching and sleep! Stretching helps a lot. Spend some time before your next workout with either a foam roller or just stretch the old fashion way. It turns out that your core muscles are usually super tense when you hit the floor to do your ab work. By spending the time to limber up you won't overcompensate with your hips and back. Thus allowing you to target those abs and focus on getting shredded!

Stress can also be killer when figuring out how to get rid of stubborn belly fat. Keep your stress levels at a minimum. When you're stressed your body produces cortisol. Which is a hormone that will totally mess up your goals when trying to drop those unwanted pounds. And make sure you get plenty of rest. By not getting enough sleep your body's hormones are all thrown out of whack. Getting the right amount of sleep will help you to keep your metabolism regulated and on your way to losing that unwanted stomach fat.

Hard Work Pays Off

The key in how to get rid of stubborn belly fat honestly is discipline and patience. Losing those last couple pounds can really be a pain in the behind. Try following these simple tips on how to lose stomach fat. It may not happen overnight but don't give up. Eventually you will start to see some amazing results.

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