Getting the right amount of water each day is consistently recommended by health and fitness professionals across the board. Essential for many bodily functions, it is a key element to consume keeping us hydrated, focused and performing at our best. But drinking enough water can get boring. But did you know that infusing your water, adding favour enhancing drops or tracking it with a smart water bottle like the Hidrate can help make your water intake less boring?

The Importance Of  Water

The human body consists of approximately 60-70% water. Easy to see why it’s so important to get enough of it each day. Our bodies and their functions rely on water to perform efficiently and effectively. Going into a state of dehydration can not only create internal disruptions, but it can bring about fatigue and mental confusion.

At higher levels of dehydration it can become both critical and life threatening. Insufficient consumption can lead to muscle spasm, renal dysfunction, increased risk of bladder cancer, and even death in the worst cases.

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Water plays a crucial role in strength training and bodybuilding as well. Drinking water before, during and after exercise helps replenish fluid loss and keeps you performing at your best. Consuming water at regular intervals during workouts regardless of thirst will keep your tanks full and avoid dehydration.

Dehydration rob's performance and can also be quite detrimental under the wrong circumstances. If you’re exercising and not consuming the right amounts of water by the time you are thirsty it’s too late.

As important as it is it’s not the most exciting thing to consume. Water is odourless and flavourless, characteristics that many people complain are what prevent them from consuming the right amount or any at all. Which I get, not everyone enjoys the same thing.

And while you can get sufficient amounts of water from things like juices, teas and carbonated beverages you also get a plethora of unwanted stuff like sugars or chemicals. Plain water is responsible for aiding the liver in the dilution of toxins in the body and helps flush them out of your system.

1. Flavour Enhancing Drops

So, we know that water is extremely important for our bodies and it’s not the most exciting thing to consume on the flavour profile, how do we make it more exciting? Well, infusing water with fruits, vegetables and herbs is one method. Adding flavoured drops like Mio is another option. 

And even tracking water consumption with a smart water bottle like Hidrate is a way to jazz things up.

2. Infusing Water

Infused water is a fantastic way to add some flavour and make it more exciting. Infusing is a super simple technique that consists of adding fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits or fruit juices to water. By adding these ingredients we can change the flavour profile and make it way more fun. Plus there’s even additional benefits which are good for your overall health.

infused water bottle

Some of the benefits associated with infused water include appetite control, immune defense, blood sugar regulation and weight management. A simple recipe to try is green tea, mint and lime. It is said to help soothe headaches, freshen breath, assist the digestive system, protect the immune system and support fat burning. Water infused with lemon has been known to support healthy skin, regulate pH levels, support kidney health, provide vitamin C and support the fight against cancer.

Other common ingredients for infusing water that are full of benefits include oranges, ginger, cucumbers, mint, apples and blackberries. Oranges are full of vitamin C, and can boost the immune system. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory and digestive. Cucumbers are thought to aid in cancer prevention. Mint helps reduce irritable bowel syndrome and improve cognition.

Apples help reduce neurological disorders and are recommended for people with high cholesterol and diabetes. Blackberries, high in vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese, and fibre play a part in bone and blood vessel health. Turmeric can also ease inflammation, pain and improve heart health.

water infusing bottle

There are countless other combinations to explore, but these are just a few of the health benefits you can receive from the options listed above. Who wouldn’t want all that from a glass of water?

When using herbs to infuse your water, “smack” or rough them up a bit between your hands – don’t tear or shred. This will help bring out the essential oils and natural flavours of the herbs. Then place the herbs in a glass bottle or pitcher and fill with water overnight. The next day you’ll have a tasty hydrating treat. Some best herbs to infuse are basil, oregano, mint and sage.

Another great method of infusing water is to add a few drops of your favourite juice. Find something with natural ingredients and preferably no added sugar. Cranberry juice is a favorite of mine.

Mixes and powders can help make water a little more flavourful too. Be sure to read the label and try to avoid any unwanted chemicals or additional substances that won’t benefit the cause.

3. Smart Water Bottle

One of the latest inventions on the market are smart bottles like the HidrateSpark 3. It’s a smart bottle that will track your water intake. When it’s time to keep drinking a friendly little reminder will light up your day or night. Through a bluetooth connected application the HidrateSpark 3 will track your water consumption and light up when it’s time to drink.

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What makes this bottle so unique is that there is a personalised hydration goal that is calculated daily and will adjust throughout the day based on your body and activity level. Which is perfect since our bodies are all different and we all have different requirements that sometimes far exceed the recommended amounts.

One Last Drop

As you can see there are a number of ways to make water consumption more fun. You can get an infusing water bottle, add some extra flavour with flavour enhancing drops, you can add a little of your favourite juice and you can even track your intake with a smart water bottle like the Hidrate bottle.

Water can also be obtained from the foods you consume. Previous research has demonstrated that up to 25% of your requirements are met through food consumption alone. Vegetables and fruits tend to contain the highest percentages. It's a smart idea to feature these foods regularly in your diet. They not only come with a lot of water but are also packed full of nutrients and are a sound part of any nutritional plan.

One thing to note If you drink coffee, keep in mind that for every glass of coffee – you will need at least two glasses of water to supplement the dehydration from your coffee and other beverages.

About the author, Steve Hall

Steve is a strength training fanatic who geeks out over the best, most efficient workouts, nutrition and gear to help get you stronger and healthier!