Picking Up The Weights For The First Time

By Steve Hall

April 18, 2013

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Summer was coming up. Beach season was right around the corner. Back from school and feeling wild. Hanging out one day, my buddy and I headed over to the local gym. At first, we went just to putz around. But after a few times we were like, hey lets join.

Ok man. Thats cool. So after we bought this membership it became a responsibility to self. On that day I had made a choice. That choice was to make a change. And by making a change, things changed.

Going back to the gym was like really going back to the gym. You see I had worked out before but, I never really worked out. When I went back to the gym. I experienced what it was to get hooked. Much like Common and his love for Hip Hop. The weights and I had a sudden romance.

Where The Mind Goes, The Body Follows

motivated groupAfter I picked up the weights I knew that day it was time to make magic happen. The way I justified the gym at the time was “Shit I’m paying for it. Better use it”. And that worked, I was there religiously. Hittin the weights, running, overall very active.

Making the decision to go to the gym became a commitment to myself. In my mind the decision to transform not only my body but transform my outlook seemed like a no brainer. To begin, the idea of working out was just pick up the weights and move your muscles around for a bit.

As the body began to change it became more like an artist working on a sculpture. Shaping and carving away. But also lifes challenges and triumphs can be equated to physical moments in time. Each time I had a killer workout or rocked out a set that I was having trouble with for awhile I felt like- hell this is awesome.

Days that I’m down I look at myself and reflect. Thinking “Hey Jack, looky here. You didn’t get like a sissy girl when you couldn’t squat those days. So don’t be a sissy girl now. If you’re having problems with a weight do some exercise to help get past it. A push up, crunches, whatever, arghh!”.

By having that mindset, the ability to move forward through the ups and downs became much less difficult.

Staying Motivated Is What It Is

There was a deep driving force that kept pushing me towards my overall goals. When I felt like shit was tough all it took was a “rest period” and BOOM I came back and was like “NINJA CHOP!”.

A constant reminder of what you are working for helps keep the ideas fresh and evolving. Also by having sight or focus of your mark and milestones along the way enables one to click and have a purpose.

Getting Started Is Easy Just Sign Up

fitness womanIf you have ever had the desire to get fit or get in shape, you shouldn’t be frightened by what might happen or by what people say will happen. Working out is a way to connect your mind and body, to really live in the moment.

I think you owe it to yourself to be in good shape. Its an evolution through life. Much like one elevates spiritually through whatever path, evolving physically is just as important. I have talked about finding a balance.

Making the commitment to yourself could be like signing a contract with you. Think of your health and you as a business deal, a gig you just landed, a promotion, which ever makes sense. Just sign up. Give it a try.

I believe that building physical strength can help build overall strength. By developing ones self image confidence can be boosted overall and levels of motivation can be sustained over periods of time. Almost like a shot of espresso. BAM! Here we go!

Get Involved and Stay Involved

group fitnessKeeping a motivation can be rather simple. You know who you are so pick what works for you. Some people like home gyms. Some people like garage gyms. Others commercial gyms. Some like Crossfit, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, or Physique. The list goes on.

However route you decide do it and be the best. I know this sounds nuts but I wanted a serious pair of lifting shoes. They were pricey and a hell of a commitment to the sport but shit. I love to pick shit up and put it back down. Or even flip shit over.

The more you’re involved its easier to hold yourself accountable for your overall goal. Committing to a diet, training program, or business takes an immense amount of focus and control. Sort of like a personal checks and balances system.

Final Thoughts

A lot of my motivation in the gym comes from the feeling I get everytime I feel a new part of a muscle contract and grow. Or anytime I jump over a hurdle. By keeping a good attitude, developing good form, a system of checks and balances, good habits and focus, your journey will remain as smooth as the flow of water. Keeping in mind that the opposite follows true.

Happy Lifting.

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Steve Hall

Steve is a strength training fanatic who geeks out over the best, most efficient workouts, nutrition and gear to help get you stronger and healthier!

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