Champion Sports Rhino Promax Slam Balls, Soft Shell with Non-Slip Grip – Medicine Wall Ball for Slamming, Bouncing… Price: $39.99 (as of 04/10/2023 20:03 PST- Details)

MIX UP YOUR ROUTINE: The Rhino Promax slamball offers a fun and unique way to get an effective workout without using traditional gym equipment. Incorporate our jumbo slam balls into your workout to improve speed, agility, cardio and core strength.
SMOOTH, SUPERIOR GRIP: Brandishing our proprietary Rhino Skin leather shell, users experience a comfortable yet controlled, non-slip grip. The exercise ball’s large, ergonomic build makes it easy to throw, catch, and slam – even when sweaty.
UNRIVALED STRENGTH AND PERFORMANCE: Offering more give and bounce than typical medicine fitness balls, our slam ball was built for significant wear-and-tear and extreme surface contact. Its durability will hold up to every slam, throw, or maneuver.
FULL BODY WORKOUT: Slam wall balls challenge main muscle groups as well as smaller, stabilizing ones. Adding these heavy balls to aerobic activity, weight training, or exercise classes ensures a full-body workout from head-to-toe.
MIX AND MATCH: This weighted slam ball collection offers a variety of weights and colors so you can continually mix up your exercise routine – adding challenge and variety by adding weight, or going light with higher repetitions.


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