Fire Team Fit Liquid Chalk for Weight Lifting, Rock Climbing, Cross Training, & Powerlifting, Gym Approved Workout Chalk… Price: $11.99 (as of 03/10/2023 14:22 PST- Details)

🧗🏼‍LIQUID CHALK – Portable with less mess than block chalk and much less waste. Ideal for gyms who do not allow block chalk or for a home gym where you do not need a mess.
✅EASY TO APPLY – Quick dry and sweat resistant formula. Perfect for weightlifting and obstacle courses.
☣️ANTIBACTERIAL – Hand sanitizing properties keep hands germ-free on the gym.
🏋🏽‍GET A GRIP – Significantly improves grip ability for Pull-Ups, Deadlifts, Kettlebells, Rock Mountaineering, Gymnastics and lots of other sports activities. Customers claim that they may be able to increase Deadlifts by as much as 20% with the additional grip.
🕘LONG-LASTING – This chalk can last through a complete weightlifting workout without the wish to re-apply, unlike traditional block chalk. When the chalk dries, it sticks better in your hands and creates an enduring base layer.



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