Garage Fit Wood Plyo Box – 30/24/20, 24/20/16, 24/20/18, 16/14/12-3 in 1 Plyo Box, Essential for Plyometrics Training Price: $84.95 (as of 04/10/2023 20:09 PST- Details)

Turn into A Winner!

The ability to jump higher than your competition is what separates the winners and the losers in a variety of
different sports. Garage Fit&aposs 3-in-1 plyo box will guarantee your jumping ability increases as much as your
confidence because of becoming a winner. With 3 different heights to make a choice from with each box, you have a huge selection of
exercises to perform on the plyo jump box and easy ways to increase their difficulty.

They include: Box Jumps, Kneeling Box Jumps, Depth Jumps, Step Ups with Knee Thrusts, Box Squats,
Lateral Box Jumps…

It&aposs Absolutely Unbreakable

Not only is the box squat box made of construction-grade 3/4″ plywood, but the puzzle joints and bracing means
it can take up to 400 lbs of weight. The corners are rounded to avoid bloody shins, but it doesn&apost
impact the strength of the plyo box. It might be unbreakable once it&aposs assembled, but to save you money it ships flat.
The holes are pre-drilled, and even with a basic screwdriver you&aposll be able to build the wood plyo box in around 30 minutes (we recommend and electric screw driver).

If you wish to jump higher you&aposll be able to love the:

– 3 plyo box heights in each plyo box that every athlete needs (20″x24″x30″), (16″x20″x24″), (18″x20″x24″), or (12″x14″x16″)

– Rounded wood plyo box edges to eliminate bloody shins when missing a jump.

– Huge selection of exercises to make a choice from.

– Sturdiness that won&apost move or break.

– Increase your vertical leap

You&aposre only some clicks and a little practice on the plyo jump box away from increasing your jumping ability
significantly. Click &aposAdd to Cart&apos now!

MAXIMUM EFFORT WITHOUT FEAR: The rounded wood plyo box corners guarantee you&aposll be able to put in maximum effort with every jump because you won&apost get hurt.
DRASTICALLY IMPROVED SPORTS PERFORMANCE: Perform a huge selection of exercises on The plyo jump box DRASTICALLY improving your jumping ability no matter what your sport.
3 SIZES FOR THE PRICE OF 1: Save huge money and space, because the plyometric workout box comes in 3 of the preferred sizes available (20″ x 24″ x 30″), (16″x20″x24″), (18″x20″x24″), or (12″x14″x16″) PLEASE NOTE: YOU ARE PURCHASING ONE PLYO BOX, NOT THREE
ROCK SOLID PLYO BOX: The puzzle joints and bracing means the plyo box is as solid as a rock and can handle 350 pounds.
DESIGNED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: Box squat box ships flat to save you money and pre-drilled holes makes set up easy. Click &aposAdd to Cart&apos now!



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