PlateMate Microload Pair 2 1/2 lb. Magnetic Donut Weights Price: $46.95 (as of 24/02/2020 22:51 PST- Details)

Microload your iron dumbbells, Pro-Style Bars, and stack weight machine plates
Break through lifting plateaus
These units will not fit around an Olympic Barbell . The hole is only intended to fit around the bold of a Pro-Style Dumbbell.


Those devices is not going to persist with rubber-encased plates or dumbbells. Be sure that the entire magnet is is touch with the plate or dumbbell.
Microload your iron dumbbells, Professional-Taste Bars, and stack weight gadget plates
Holiday via lifting plateaus
Those devices is not going to are compatible round an Olympic Barbell . The outlet is handiest supposed to suit across the daring of a Professional-Taste Dumbbell.
Magnetic upload-on weights connect briefly and simply

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