RKC Russian Kettlebell – (53 lbs – 24 kg) (Dragon Door)

$99.99 (as of December 14, 2018, 8:17 am)

53 lbs / 24 kg
Powerful tool to aid weight loss and muscle gain
Official RKC Russian Kettlebell


Desperate to Succeed in Superlative Ranges of Athletic Excellence?

The 24kg/53lbs kettlebell gives you huge bodily profits, with out dressed in down the frame. At the same time as so much are compatible males will get started with Dragon Door’s especially designed 35lb kettlebell, the 53lb kettlebell has temporarily turn out to be the instrument of selection for males who wish to temporarily boost up their bodily profits the usage of the ability of kettlebells.

“I have a few other manufacturers of kettlebells, however as I were given to the heavier weights I discovered that Dragon Door bells made a distinction on account of the broader grip and the absolutely rounded ball, which failed to hook into my wrist like bells with a flattened facet. When you find yourself doing TGU’s or a Blank and Seize, you do not want this stuff whacking your wristbone the fallacious manner.

And in 45 years of workout, I have discovered not anything works sooner or higher than kettlebells. Necessarily, your frame can not cheat the workout. Machines are nugatory for this reason. With Okay-bells my center has gotten extremely tight and robust, and at my age that is the secret,” – Fred Joyal / Ny Seashore, CA, United States
53 lbs / 24 kg
Robust instrument to help weight reduction and muscle achieve
Reliable RKC Russian Kettlebell
Rust Resistant & Clean, relaxed grip

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