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35 lbs / 16kg / Smaller Handle
Powerful tool to aid weight loss and muscle gain
Official RKC Russian Kettlebell


Dragon Door’s Such a lot Common RKC Kettlebell Weighs 35lb (16kg)-And Is Now Additionally To be had with a Smaller Care for, For an More uncomplicated Grip

Dragon Door and Pavel Tsatsouline re-presented kettlebells to the USA with their uniquely designed 35lb forged iron kettlebell-and it has remained our hottest kettlebell.


Even a person of moderate preliminary energy can in an instant get started the use of the 35lb kettlebell for 2-passed swings and temporarily gravitate to at least one-passed swings, adopted by means of jerks, cleans and snatches.

Inside a couple of weeks you’ll be able to be expecting to peer impressive profits in total energy and conditioning-and for lots of-important fats loss.

More potent males and extra skilled weightlifters and powerlifters can use the 35lb kettlebell to coach themselves successfully within the many superb drills you’ll be able to in finding in Pavel’s vintage ebook and DVD, Input the Kettlebell!.

The 35 lb RKC kettlebell temporarily turns into a favourite for girls too, as soon as they’ve constructed up their energy the use of Dragon Door’s lighter kettlebells. To that end, we’ve now presented a 16kg kettlebell with a smaller Care for-which permits for an More uncomplicated grip. (Ladies, we suggest you get started with both the 26lb kettlebell or the 18lb kettlebell first of all.)

Dragon Door’s RKC kettlebells are army-grade, with a extremely resilient end and a top quality of iron assured to rise up to the hardest use. Put money into an RKC kettlebell and you’ll be able to be rewarded with many years of top-yield aerobic, energy and energy building.
35 lbs / 16kg / Smaller Care for
Tough instrument to help weight reduction and muscle achieve
Legitimate RKC Russian Kettlebell
Rust Resistant & Clean, relaxed grip

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