Sling Shot Mark Bell Strong Elbow Sleeves for Lifting Support and Elbow Protection, 5 Millimeters Thick, Level 3… Price: $57.00 (as of 04/10/2023 20:09 PST- Details)

STRONG ELBOW SLEEVES BY MARK BELL: Whether you’re Benching, Military Pressing or doing accessory movements, the versatile STrong Elbow Sleeves can be utilized to extend strength and give a boost to your elbows.
PROVIDES FOREARM, BICEP AND ELBOW SUPPORT: 5mm thick level 3 neoprene, the Strong Elbow Sleeves provide compression with strong rebound to permit a lifter to take on max weights with confidence.
SLING SHOT EFFECT TO LIFT MORE WEIGHT: Added compression and warmth the STrong elbow sleeves provide means an easier rebound under maximal weights.
INJURY PREVENTION: Elbow sleeves add stability for your lifts by creating kinetic awareness. They supply key give a boost to to give protection to joints, keeping you in a greater position right through a lift.
SIZE CHART: S (under 11in), M (11.5-13in); L (13.5-15in); XL (15.5-17in), 2XL (17.5-19in); 3XL (19.25-21in); 4XL (21.5-23in). Measure across the center of your flexed bicep.



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