Valor Fitness BPKG KG Change Plates for Incremental Weight Increases in Olympic Weightlifting – Color Coded to Meet IWF… Price: $59.98 (as of 04/09/2023 19:59 PST- Details)

WHY DO YOU NEED CHANGE PLATES?- Change plates allow for incremental weight increases in your Olympic weight lifting training – they allow you to constantly set new PR’s/personal bests, assist you in progressive overload training, or simply help you make a small jump in weight increases!
HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION- These unique change plates are constructed with a poly urethane base material to create a stronger, non-brittle, durable change plate that can withstand the pressure of being dropped. The poly urethane base ensures both the plates and your barbell will not be damaged when dropped, a common issue with many cast iron or steel change plates/fractional plates.
MEETS IWF STANDARDS- All Valor Fitness Change Plates meet the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) regulations for use in weightlifting competitions. Our change plates have been involved in numerous Olympic Weight Lifting competitions throughout the state of Florida! These weights have been able to withstand constant use in intense lifting environments, so they won’t fail you!
COLOR CODED- Color coded change plates allow for quick and easy identification during your workout and between sets. VERSATILE- Meant for use with standard Olympic Sized Barbells. Allows the user to slowly add increments of weight to reach personal best limits and prepare for competition.
ADDITIONAL- Yellow, 1.5kg change plates are sold as a set of 4 change plates. Measures 7″ across and 20mm thick. Meant for box, garage, and commercial use with proven performance in countless Olympic Weightlifting competitions!



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