Adjustable Plyo Box Reviews

Side view image of fit young woman doing a box jump exercise. Muscular woman doing a box squat at the cross fit gym

Plyometric exercises increase speed, power, and explosiveness! Who doesn’t want to get faster and stronger? Plyometric exercises really make for a tough but rewarding day in the gym. However, it’s not uncommon for lower-body plyo exercises to require a box you jump on and off of. Plyo boxes are a great investment for fitness enthusiasts looking to enhance their physical performance.

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Adidas Push Up Bars Review

We’ve taken a look at a few different kinds of push up bars and put together this Adidas push up bars review to help you get pumped up.

Push ups are simple exercises that can be done anywhere at any time and are great for building the chest and triceps. They are an all-around excellent exercise as is but have a few variations to help make them more challenging.

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10 Best Indoor Fitness Bikes

men and women on indoor fitness bikes in a class setting

Cardio is an essential aspect to training. Not everyone likes to run or cycle outdoors. Indoor door fitness bikes help make cardio training accessible and an easy addition to anyone’s routine. We’ve looked at a variety of different options and gathered the 10 best indoor fitness bikes we think will give you the most for your money.

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