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3 Tips To Improve Your Squat

The squat is considered to be one of the best compound exercises. It’s a staple in top athletes routines. Guys that are looking to pack on lean mass and build massive strength never skip out on squatting. That’s because they engage your entire body, build your calves, strengthen your hamstrings, core, back and chest. In this article we’ll cover the squat and provide some insight on how to improve. So let’s break parallel and follow these 3 tips to improve your squat.

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Bodybuilding Motivation—Andreia Brazier


There is no doubt that every now and then we need a little motivation to get things going. And there is no doubt that right now Andreia Brazier is one hot hottie in the fitness game.

So for a little bodybuilding motivation here are some pics and videos of Andreia Brazier. Enjoy in a non creepy way please.

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Best Ways To Grow Bigger Calves


One of the most forgotten muscles on the body is the calves. Growing bigger calves seems damned near impossible depending upon who you ask. Most people will say its all about genetics. Well I’m not a believer in you get what your given. Yes, some people have amazing calves. But some also have amazing triceps, however the sport of bodybuilding relies on the development of the physique. So if Arnold the 6’2″ Austrian Oak who had puny calves and a weak upper chest can grow his weak points to be some of his best features than so can you.

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How to Barbell Row: Your Guide to the Proper Form

Bent Barbell Row

Have you ever looked at a finely sculpted physique and noticed such great shape and definition in the back muscles? Have you ever wondered how to develop your own back muscles in such a way? Well then the barbell row is for you. A defined and muscular back is key in building your body but also has a lot of practical use.

This guide will cover the basics of a barbell row and how to begin doing it.

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