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The Benefits of Smoking Weed and Working Out


Lately the news has been plastered with stories in regards to medical marijuana, recreational marijuana as well as laws and reforms towards the legalization. Pot isn’t a new thing it’s just getting more and more of a spotlight as people push for leniency and acceptance. So what’s with all this chatter about the benefits of smoking weed? Is it good for you and can it have any impact on your fitness program?

Written history of cannabis dates back to at least the third millennium BC, maybe even before then. It’s use ranged from spiritual sacrament, sturdy rope, food and medicine. As well as its psychoactive properties … or as it’s known today “getting high”. Were there any benefits of smoking weed back then? No one will ever really know but with modern science we can figure out how cannabis affects our bodies in this day and age.

Enhancing Your Workouts With Marijuana

Cannabis comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some plants are tall, some short, some wide, and so on. There are two different types of marijuana which are referred to as Indicas and Sativas. Both of these types of weed have their own traits and effects that they provide. Therefore there may be a whole variety of benefits of smoking weed that we don’t even know about yet. And with today’s advancements of botanical science growers have been able to create hybrids which are combinations of each type of weed.

Sativas are more of an uplifting energetic feeling used to bring on some energy or put the mid at ease. It’s popular amongst most people as the benefits of smoking weed, especially sativa, help to give you a boost of energy and mental clarity. It’s great to fire up a joint of this first thing in the morning before a killer session at the muscle factory.

Benefits of Smoking Weed – Sativa:

  1. Feelings of well-being and at-ease
  2. Up-lifting and cerebral thoughts
  3. Stimulates and energizes
  4. Increases focus and creativity
  5. Fights depression

Indicas are very effective for overall pain relief and are often used to treat insomnia for many people. The benefits of smoking weed, especially indica are immense. Indica buds are most commonly smoked by medical marijuana patients in the late evening or even right before bed due to how sleepy and tired you become.

Benefits of Smoking Weed – Indica

  1. Relieves body pain
  2. Relaxes muscles
  3. Relieves spasms, reduces seizures
  4. Relieves headaches and migraines
  5. Relieves anxiety or stress

So as you can see, either of these plants have their ups and downs. Therefore the benefits of smoking weed boils down to you knowing your stuff about the bubonic-chronic you’re about to smoke and choosing the appropriate strains. If you live in an area where medical or recreational cannabis is not legal then this article will pose many challenges and we don’t condone illegal behavior. However for those that are let’s look at some of the benefits of smoking weed can have on your workouts.

The Power of Focus

Bodybuilding takes an immense amount of focus and dedication. Running through the rigamarole of navigating through the gym and lifting weights can get boring, minds tend to wander shifting one’s focus off the task at hand. In reported studies it is said that the benefits of smoking weed can help to increase focus and break linear thought.

The benefit of smoking weed is enhanced focus on the goal and not the task


As a bodybuilder I can see being honed into what you are doing and getting the most out of every rep. Being focused during each lift allows you to control your form, pay attention to the muscle contraction and dig in for the ultimate pump. Choosing a nice Sativa will aid you along on your quest for ultimate focus.

Enhancing The Mind-Muscle Connection

Ask any bodybuilder and they will tell you about the mind-muscle connection. By learning to control your muscles you can accelerate your gains and increase the amount of strength and lean mass you build. However many people struggle with achieving any level of mind-muscle connection. One of the benefits of smoking weed is that it can assist with this.

Why? How? That answer falls back to having the ability to focus intentions. With laser-like focus and intention you can concentrate on the muscle. We have already stated that one of the benefits of smoking weed while working out is the increased focus. But with that newly found focus a lifter can learn to connect with their body and control the muscles, thus enhancing the mind-muscle connection. Pairing up exercise with any Sativa will be a sure fire winner.

Ease Those Aching Muscles

No one likes being sore. And a bad case of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can be a real pain in the ass. One of the benefits of smoking weed is the ability to help ease these aches in your muscles. DOMS can really be a pain, literally. If you’ve had a hard training session and you’re in need of some serious rest not only can they keep you from getting that rest but they can also make subsequent workouts even harder.

Many types of weed are known for their pain relief and relaxation properties. These types of weed are going to be really beneficial when trying to alleviate aches and pains. Choosing a nice Indica can be a great solution for those tired and achy joints. Be careful though it might make you a little sleepy.

Promote Rest and Increase Recovery

Indicas are most notably known for their ability to relieve pain and relax muscles. However Indicas also promote drowsiness and can aid in sleep. Increased and enhanced sleep is probably a dream everyone wishes would come true. But if you’re a bodybuilder and you smoke cannabis one of the benefits of smoking weed is the ability to get just that. A full night’s rest if you know what I mean.

Aside from all the training and eating, sleep is the most important thing for any bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast. When we sleep our bodies go through the repair process and heal our muscles from the tiny tears. Those tiny tears grow into strong and bulging muscles. A sound night’s sleep is the best thing for that.  Choosing a nice Indica can be a great solution for some extra zzz’s.

A Goliath Sized Appetite

Without a doubt even a non-smoker will tell you that when you smoke weed you get the munchies. The most commonly known benefit of smoking weed is the munchies. Eating tons and tons of food that the bodybuilding lifestyle requires can be challenging at times. Consuming slabs of protein, mounds of salad, gobs of fruits and veggies all washed down with a protein shake can get challenging.


The benefit of smoking weed is the ability to eat a lot of food after  working out.


The benefits of smoking weed for a lifter increases one’s appetite and makes those massive meals a little easier to swallow. Cancer patients are commonly given marijuana for this exact reason. Filling our muscles with the nutrients we need for massive gains and fueling the furnace for another hardcore lift. When muscles are full of nutrients they can grow back bigger, stronger and badder than ever.

Marijuana and Your Muscles

In time and as things progress I think we will know more about marijuana and the benefits of smoking weed especially for athletes. As of now we can only rely on our own experiences and those of the many users of marijuana. Aside from the above benefits of smoking weed one could argue that smoking could be harmful due to the inhalation of smoke caused by the combustion of the cannabis from a butane lighter. But with the advancements of today’s smoking culture and the onset of things like edibles and dabs users now have a plethora of methods of consumption.

As we learned, choosing the appropriate type of marijuana is important. If you’re looking for certain benefits of smoking weed then you’ll really want to become an expert in the finer strains of life. For those looking for some stimulation the Sativas are your best bet. After a hard day and right around anytime of desired relaxation Indicas will be the preferred strain of choice.

However you can do all the research in the world to find out what works for you. Choosing to smoke marijuana is your choice. Unfortunately marijuana is still illegal for most, therefore I repeat in no way shape or form does anyone at Barbell Academy condone illegal behaviors. If you know of any benefits of smoking weed that we left out let us know.