Many of you wake up early everyday whether it be for a strength training session or to crush some cardio. Day in and day out no matter the weather you’re still out killing your goals and building your dream. This drive and discipline is your very make up. It’s part of what makes your reputation and character. And in life that’s all we have. Everything else is earned or given.

The way people look at you is not as important as the way we carry ourselves. A good character and set of morals can define who we are and whom people perceive us to be. We can fool them only for a short while, eventually the facade will wear off. Make it your best point to carry yourself in the utmost highest regards. If you commit to a certain number of reps then knock out each one with the same level of passion and intensity.

This is the true essence of reputation and character.

What Is Reputation?

Reputations are the beliefs or opinions held about someone or something. It’s what people say about you when you’re not listening. How they think about you when you’re not around. Your reputation is how you’re known. A good reputation can take you places. It can elevate you in society. A bad one can bring you down. It doesn’t just apply to people. It can apply to businesses, places or even things. Think of how many times you’ve gone somewhere, bought something or even hired someone to perform a task based on a friend’s recommendation. This is reputation in action. Have you ever skipped out on a trip because you heard the destination as terrible?

When it comes to our reputations it’s important to define the type of person you want to be known as. All of our decisions have consequences. Some of these consequences can be perceived as either good or bad. It depends on you and your belief system. But ultimately it also depends on the belief systems of others. Therefore we must mind our actions when deciding how we want to shape our lives and define our reputation.

Do you want to be known as someone that cannot be trusted? Or would you rather be known as the friend that can always be counted on no matter what? Would you prefer if your boss gave you more opportunities because he knew you could handle any obstacle. Or would you rather just skate on by with the bare minimum? These are all questions you have to ask yourself constantly and sometimes on the fly. How do you want to be known and what do you want to be known for?

Oftentimes we may not think about the consequences of our actions and how they can alter people’s perceptions of us. We may not even know how things can play a part in our reputation. How can we really know how people will take things? We can’t. All we can do is align ourselves to our core values and be sure that what we’re doing is something we firmly believe in whether it is good or bad as that will not only establish our reputation but also show defining traits of one’s character.

What is Character?

Character is the mental or moral qualities of an individual. It is the beacon for our thoughts and decisions. It’s the makeup of our personality and traits. If reputation is how others define us then character is how we define ourselves. It is solely responsible for how we interact with the world and everything around us. As our character lets others know what we want to be.

If you’re familiar with storytelling, movies, books or plays you’ll know that there are different characters that take on different roles. Each of these characters have a set of traits about them that projects who they think they are to the audience. And these traits shape the way they act with the other characters in the whole narrative. Much can be said about our own traits that shape the way we act with others in the world. From a young age we are taught right from wrong. Left from right. Up from down. These teachings help us to formulate our own ideas and understanding of what surrounds us.

Our ideas and understandings began to shape as we age. We subtly define our own thoughts around what we deem to be correct. That’s how we end up defining our character and forming the life we want to live. Through our character we begin to mold ourselves into the human being we have dreamt of. This human being begins to do things to themselves and unto others.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were wondering why someone did something? That’s the difference in their character. They may not have seen it as harmful or hurtful. They may not have even seen it from your perspective at all. They may have been selfish to think that what they were doing would not come back to you in any way whatsoever.

Character, much like reputation is an essential building block of one’s life.

The Essence of Reputation and Character

Your decisions and actions are made up by your character and lead to your reputation. Both of these make up your very being and how you fit in with the world. They lead you down the paths you choose to follow and bring you the friends you choose to associate with. Through both you build your tribe and find your home. You also polarize those that don’t align with the ultimate vision of yourself.

When it comes to your reputation and character in regards to your own personal journey with fitness how do you want to be known? Are you committed to your own personal goals and the type of person that is going to get up everyday, consistently work on them and remain disciplined until you complete them? Do you have what it takes to make the right decisions outside of the gym and in all other areas of your life? Or are you going to choose the opposite?

We see tons of influencers and stars all over social media everyday. Some of them have reached levels we can only imagine. What we don’t see is what it took to get there. If you’re someone that is looking to reshape your physique and completely transform your lifestyle it will take an immense amount of planning and the right training program. It will also take a serious amount of desire. That’s what these people have gone through. They may or may not have made the same decisions we would have but their reputation is that of one who gets it done.

Decide today whom you want to be. What character will you play? How will your reputation speak of you when you’re not around?

About the author, Steve Hall

Steve is a strength training fanatic who geeks out over the best, most efficient workouts, nutrition and gear to help get you stronger and healthier!