what is fitbit

What is Fitbit

Some of you might be wondering what is Fitbit? I know I did when I first saw it. It looked like those rubber awareness bands with LED lights. But after a bit of research I found that it is quite the cool contraption. Fitbit is an activity tracker that measures your sleep, exercise and diet. The nifty band will be your constant companion so you can be informed about your activity levels, be motivated to keep moving. Fitbit is simple, comfortable and useful, and you’ll be excited to check your daily progress.

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What is Fitbit and How Does It Work?

Here’s some details on how Fitbit works looks and performs. Fitbit is light and flexible you’ll hardly notice it’s there, maybe in the beginning but after about a week it will become a part of you. Read the instructions on how to snap the band in place when you use it for the first time. Fitbit syncs with your phone so there isn’t a need to plug anything in when you want to see your progress and statistics, you can see your progress on the band also. The band is fashion forward yet simple in its classic design and comes in a variety of colors.

If you only input your age, height, and weight the Fitbit will tell you your daily number of steps taken, distance traveled on foot, minutes spent being very active and calories burned. If you take the time to log your water intake, your meals and weight the Fitbit can capture a great amount of data for you which you can share with your personal trainer and physician if you choose to. If you tip it off when you are going to sleep and when you wake up, it will track motion to let you know how restless you were at night and how much you actually slept.

Fitbit Features

Fitbit has some really great built in features. Check them out!

  • GPS Tracking
    See distance, pace and elevation climbed & review routes and split times.
  • Long Battery Life
    Lasts longer than competing trackers with a battery life up to 7 days.
  • PurePulse™ Heart Rate
    Get continuous, automatic, wrist-based heart rate & simplified heart rate zones.
  • Notifications + Music
    See call & text notifications on display and control songs from your mobile playlist.
  • All-Day Activity
    Track steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed & active minutes.
  • Auto Sleep + Alarms
    Monitor your sleep automatically & set a silent alarm.
  • Multi-Sport
    Record running, cycling, cross training and other workouts & view exercise summaries.
  • Wireless Syncing
    Sync stats wirelessly & automatically to leading smartphones and computers.

With Fitbit you can also see your progress and analyze your workout trends with easy to read graphs. Fitbit allows you to record your workouts, track your runs or bicycle stats, map your routes and see all your data in your monthly calendar. You can share and compete with your friends. Log your food simply and easily with a barcode scanner, calorie estimator, meal shortcuts and a food database. Active users on Fitbit earn badges. Badges let you know when you have reached your goals and milestones in your fitness journey.

Fitbit is also very useful for improving your overall sleep quality. You can set sleeping goals. Track and review your overall sleep quality and see your weekly sleeping trends.

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