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Why Getting Toned is a Myth and How You Can Transform Your Body

Fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry that changes lives everyday but there is still one myth that plagues consumers and is pushed over and over again. The myth of getting toned. A common belief that surrounds strength training is the fact that if you lift heavy weights you’ll get big and bulky while if you lift lighter weights you can trim and tone your body. We’re here to dispel that myth and shed some light the benefits of consistent exercise.

Strength training is a type of resistance training that can build strength, gain muscle and burn fat. Therefore getting toned would essentially be strength training. Through consistency it will improve your ability to push harder for longer. Exercising and living an active lifestyle has many positive impacts. From changes physiologically to changes psychologically strength training can enhance one’s quality of life.

Why Getting Toned is the Biggest Myth

If you or anyone you know is jacked and in super awesome shape I guarantee it took a ton of hard work and dedication to reach that level. They didn’t just set out looking at getting toned. They put in a ton of work through consistent effort. Each day they showed up to the gym when training was required. Made sure to eat right and get the right amount of rest also. So much work that only a small percentage of people actually reach these elite levels of fitness.

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Bodybuilding is a very demanding sport and comes with great resilience. The average person is not going to put in the amount of effort necessary to learn what works for them. Instead they would rather look for the next gimmick, diet or fad and be told what to do. The fitness industry sees this and continues to capitalize on selling you the idea that getting toned can be done easily. Listen pals, it’s really simple. If you wanna get big and bulky you have to train and eat for that. If you want to get into shape and just improve your overall life general exercise isn’t gonna make you look like the Incredible Hulk.

We have all seen the commercials talking about getting toned and transforming your body.  These products continue to fly off the shelf and land in the homes of hopeless consumers. Selling the idea that getting ripped and shredded is way out of your reach and that if you buy these amazing products you can just tighten and tone up your body. Well I have news for you, it isn’t so! These things may work to a degree if you’re never done any resistance training before. If you wanna see real results you need a fitness program.

Getting Toned Is More Than Burning Fat

If you want the most awesome body you ever dreamed of then you have to work for it. So get the idea of getting toned out of your head and understand you have to build some muscle to burn some fat. You have to figure out what is going to get you there. You have to experiment, make constant changes, build a strategy and keep working at it. That’s what it takes. You see there are many programs out there like 5×5 or one’s that are labeled as the best for beginners. But what they’re not saying is that no matter which one you chose it’s all about how hard you try.

If the industry decided to shift the way they present their ideas and products to consumers then the industry can benefit solely. If consumers don’t demand better products by searching for alternative answers then the industry won’t change. A simple way to do this is to continue to educate one another on the topics and ideas we are passionate about. A basic understanding of fitness and nutrition can go a long way. Burning fat is not the same as getting toned since getting toned is a myth.

The best way to burn fat is not by getting toned. It’s by finding a method that works best for your body and something you can do overtime. It’s also a keen awareness of what’s required to reach your goals. Food, rest and recovery are also key elements to transformations. It’s through a proper fitness program that you’ll reach any goal you desire.

No More Getting Toned Transform Your Body

You can dismiss these magical myths of confusion and put the bologna behind you. Getting toned is just a marketing gimmick to make you buy the next shake weight or fat burning pill. You can transform your body and create the physique you desire through hard work, a little bit of effort and some know how. Try looking at different routines or even adding things like flexibility training and cardio into the mix.

We can find clues and hints as to how success was achieved in various areas of life. For those that want to learn about business they research successful businesses and those that are responsible for creating them. If you want to learn how to be a race car driver then you look at race car drivers of the past and figure out techniques on how to win! So why not do it with bodybuilding? Learning from the past greats can put you on the path to physical fitness. The greats didn’t focus on getting toned. They focused on transforming their bodies.

Bodybuilding dates way, way back all the way to ancient Greece. In the early 1900’s and so on there were many great men that helped to pioneer the sport and bring acceptance in today’s society, Eugene Sandow, Reg Park, Steve Reeves, Bill Pearl, and Dave Draper to name a few. These men were more than a bunch of fellas getting toned muscles and ripped abs. These men had amazing physiques.

Studying the past we can make decisions on how to shape the future. Transform your body by learning what to do. It can be as simple as throwing out the bullshit like the myths of getting toned and try something new.

Tips And Tricks That Dispel Getting Toned

Making a small change in how you do things you can begin to make larger improvements. It takes many swings of an axe to chop down a big tree but eventually it will fall. It also takes a strong desire to throw the idea of getting toned by the wayside and implement these tips you can use to start transforming your body.

  • Learn the compound movements and focus on making them the dominant exercises in your workout routines. Things like squat, deadlift, bench press, barbell row, and overhead press.. Multi-joint compound movements utilize more muscle groups at once. Therefore being more efficient for building muscle and burning fat.
  • Eat more food. Even if you think you’re eating enough you probably not. Learning what and how much to take in is key. Your body needs fuel in order for it to perform. The more active you are the more you’re going to need and want to give you the energy you need.
  • Get enough rest and keep your stress levels low. All the compound lifts are going to be a toll on the body. Make sure you get plenty of rest and keep your stress levels low so your body can be as efficient as possible at doing its job.
  • Grasp the concept of quality over quantity. Proper form is key. If you do five reps and all five of them are in poor form you are definitely missing out on the benefits. Proper form and contraction of the muscles are essential.
  • Make progressive changes to your routines. Progressive overload is a concept often neglected. But it is probably the biggest tip that can change training protocols dramatically. Either add a little bit of weight here or there. Or make changes in your reps and sets. Just make small incremental changes over time and reap the rewards.

If you incorporate those ideas and concepts into your training routine, stay consistent with the effort required and forget about the idea of getting toned you’ll be on your way to creating the physique you always dreamed of.

Wrapping It Up

The most important thing to remember is that you need to make training fun. Enjoy what you’re doing and share that enjoyment with others. It should not be a chore. Getting toned is a marketing ploy to sell products to a specific portion of the population. If you’re really interested in transforming your physique you need to know the basics of fitness and have a training program that will guide you along the way.

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