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  • EFITMENT High Performance Extra Thick Elastic Battle Rope – Up to 60lbs of Resistance, Stretchy Fitness Rope for…


    UNLIKE ORDINARY ROPES: This elastic power rope offers additional movement beyond what’s possible with regular ropes. You can attach the elastic rope to a hip-belt or harness and start running and jumping with it. Or you can attach it to the bar and start doing push and pull exercises. Wrist straps let users hold longer for maximum muscle fatigue. Grab the oversized grips to challenge your grip wrist, and forearm strength.
    TAKE IT ANYWHERE- 30ft long with 1.1″ thickness makes it perfect for boot camps, CrossFit trainers, gyms, home workouts, and strength training! Get a great workout no matter what type of athlete you are. Easily bend and pack in your bag and take your workout anywhere.
    PERFECT WORKOUT: Get up to 60 Ibs of resistance, the battle rope not only improves your cardio but will provide a full body workout with a focus on improving muscle endurance and strength. The further back from the anchor point you stand, the more it will resists your movements. It helps build core and arm strength and is excellent for burning tons of calories.