FringeSport Weight Lifting Chain Collars (Pair) / Variable Loading for Power Lifts – Squats, Bench, Deadlifts Price: $123.00 (as of 04/10/2023 19:52 PST- Details)

Here’s how they paintings:

  1. You load the chain onto a barbell (we recommend beginning with the 15# pair in case your bench and squats are underneath 250#; above 250# cross with the 30# chains).
  2. As you squat or bench, the chain starts to assemble at the flooring, deloading that weight off the bar- so when you find yourself at your lowest aspect in the ones lifts (with the least mechanical merit over the load), you’re lifting the least quantity of weight.
  3. Once you start to force up, the chain comes off the ground, Hyperlink by way of Hyperlink. The upper you get within the motion of the elevate, the extra weight is at the bar!
  4. Package Contents and Specifications

    • Contents: 2 – 5ft Health club Chain with Collar (1 Pair)
    • Weight: 30lb (15lb each and every) or 60lb (30lb each and every)
    • Length: 5 ft period of chain (10 ft for Pair)
    • Collar Specifications: 3 inches deep with a 2.25 inch diameter
    • Chain Hyperlink Specifications: 3 inches for 15 pound and 4.5 inches for 30 pound.
    • Material: Zinc plated steel

    Upload variable loading in your squat, bench, and deadlifts- coaching the lifts in tactics unattainable with out them.
    Bar collars incorporated- not more concerns approximately chain falling off the bar!
    Introduced in 2 weights: 15lb in keeping with chain (30lb overall) or 30lb in keeping with chain (60lb overall).
    Zinc plated metal for rust resistance.
    Nice for coaching getting out of “the outlet” in a squat, or development explosiveness off the chest at the bench.

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