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How To Low Bar Squat: Your Guide to the Proper Form


The grandaddy of all lifts, squats. If you are not squatting, you are totally missing out big time. The squat is one of the most important exercises you can do. Along with working your legs, squats engage the whole body. Learning to squat is essential when beginning any training program.

This guide will cover the basics of a squat and how to begin doing them.

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How To Breathe Properly When Lifting Weights


You would think that breathing would be second nature and there really shouldn’t be much thought put into it. Breathing is something that our bodies will do naturally. As a child it is easy for us to breathe properly, however as we age our lives fill with stress and our brains begin to become flooded. The over abundance of activity tends to become too much and can block us from having the ability to slow our role and focus on critical areas that enable us to progress.

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Bodybuilding Motivation—Andreia Brazier


There is no doubt that every now and then we need a little motivation to get things going. And there is no doubt that right now Andreia Brazier is one hot hottie in the fitness game.

So for a little bodybuilding motivation here are some pics and videos of Andreia Brazier. Enjoy in a non creepy way please.

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