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Shark Skill Test

The Shark skill test is designed to measure lower body agility and muscle control. It is a progression from single-leg squat assessments and may not be suitable for all individuals. This test requires a grid on the floor which is made up of 9 boxes. You will hop from box to box following a variety of patterns.

To perform the Shark skill test you’ll need a friend or a way to record yourself.

  • Begin by standing on one leg in the center of the grid with hands placed on your hips.
  • Hop to each box within the designated pattern returning to the center box.
    • Patterns can be entirely made up but be sure to remain consistent for measurement.
  • Perform each pattern twice on each foot recording your time and being mindful of any mistakes.
    • Add 1 second for each time you:
      • Touch the ground with the other foot
      • Remove your hands from your hips
      • Hop into the wrong square
      • Don’t return to the center square
  • Record your progress.