Best Ways To Grow Bigger Calves

By Steve Hall

July 17, 2013

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One of the most forgotten muscles on the body is the calves. Growing bigger calves seems damned near impossible depending upon who you ask. Most people will say its all about genetics. Well I’m not a believer in you get what your given. Yes, some people have amazing calves. But some also have amazing triceps, however the sport of bodybuilding relies on the development of the physique. So if Arnold the 6’2″ Austrian Oak who had puny calves and a weak upper chest can grow his weak points to be some of his best features than so can you.

Don’t Be a Potato on a Toothpick, Grow Bigger Calves

The calves take a beating all day long. They support the body and are constantly stimulated whether it be walking, running, or climbing stairs. With that in mind how in the hell are 4 sets of 12 reps supposed to make them puppies grow! I am a firm believer in heavy weights and proper form. Especially when it comes to calf training.

Here are a few videos I found that talk about different ways to grow bigger calves. Find out what works for you by experimenting and GROW BIGGER CALVES!!!

Idea for Growing Bigger Calves

Grow Bigger Calves FAST

Series Three Ep.#3 Calves & Forearms with Supermutant Rich Piana

How To Build Big Calves – Exaggerated Range Of Motion Calf Raises

How to Superset Calves on Smith Machine


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