Today I heard the best use of the words mother and fucker in any sentence. Most people that know me can say I am a fan of such words and others. But hearing them the way I did today was poetry.

Whatever It Takes Mother F#$*ker

CT Fletcher is one badass dude. Straight outta Compton. His website says and I quote “The Strongest Man you’ve Never Heard of.

Man, today I was just cruising the internet checking out lifting videos on the web and BOOM, wouldn’t you know I saw this dude out of the corner of my eye just staring at me. Startled at first I took a second look.

I knew that look. Shit, thats the look I give my buddies in the gym when theres too much yakking and not enough lifting. CT Fletcher was staring right at me from the damn screen saying “It’s still you mutha f@$#n’ set!”

Curiosity got the best of me. Clicking on the video link the page began to load and the videos data was called from the servers. Seconds flash by and in an instant the video began to play. The feeling of inquisition held drawn to the video.

This is what I saw.

Are You Doing Whatever It Takes

That was an astonishing moment for me. Hearing CT’s story and philosophies were by far inspiring. A lot of what he said in that video hit home and showed me that there’s other people just as nuts as me pushing for a goal.

Out of ashes comes rebirth. What really struck me was that no matter what the background or circumstance a man or woman with a person can achieve anything.

Something I say to myself is “Are you doing what it takes?”

Doing whatever it takes means no matter what you do make sure whatever it is that needs to be done is done. If you’re traveling and need your food for a few days then take the time to cook and portion them out.

Pushing yourself in the gym to knock out that last rep when you really want to quit. Working all your meals into your normal routine. Changing your lifestyle. Changing you. Any of those things.

That’s doing whatever it takes.

So ask yourself. Are you doing whatever it takes?

About the author, Steve Hall

Steve is a strength training fanatic who geeks out over the best, most efficient workouts, nutrition and gear to help get you stronger and healthier!